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It is not perfect but this game is great. A lot of games show what we can do as a Manager… But what about the Head Coach ? I discovered a new overview. I love the demo, a bit complex and different from what i have played!


Brilliant management game, have been hooked for over 2 years now and have no intention of dropping this game. Things always being added to the game and is hugely community driven with an active suggestions section many which are taken into ...[Read More]

i enjoy sports simulators because of the number crunching and complexity. So I will not focus at all here on graphics and UI/UX. my dissappointment is related to the game engine. I downloaded the trial version last week very much hoping to ...[Read More]

Not a good game in my opinion.  I’m the manager of the Bulls.  Even though I have 30M+ available cap space it will not let me sign any players because it says I have -24M available in fiances.  And I have no coaches but also cannot si...[Read More]

This is a great game.  It has been around for a long time so the developers have had enough simulations to work out a lot of the bugs.  While not a perfect representation of baseball (there are no passed balls, and too many double plays) it...[Read More]

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