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A game for a real GM

Many people have problems with FHM14. I get that the game has issues and problems but that is to be expected whenever you see a game that is in its first generation. What I like most about the FHM game is the immersion I feel when I play. I...[Read More]

Awesome Game

This is a great game to play and it is a free game also. The game isnt perfect but its really still in development and is run very well and is always open for input and suggestions to improve the game. You dont really need to put a lot of t...[Read More]

This game is rich deep and a blast to play!

This game is fantastic! You have as much control of your team as you want. You have control over everything, but you can delegate as much as you want to your coaches. You will get hooked! Just play one season.

Great Game

A great game for football fans. The developer is continually making improvements and is always available and willing to listen to suggestions on how the game can be made even better. This is by far the best football sim I have played. Oh, a...[Read More]

Wanna run a Football Franchise?

Are you the kind of Madden player that wished there was more to franchise mode? Get your kicks from football stats, drafting, and strategy? Play this game, and manage your team the way you wish the pro’s would. Still in development, b...[Read More]

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