Action! PC Basketball 2016

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Action! PC Basketball 2016
Action! PC Basketball 2016

Our Biggest Game Packages Ever! All 2016 edition packages include multiple seasons including the 20 Winningest Teams Since 1950. The Deluxe-Classic package even contains the complete 2015-16 Division I College season!

New Full Court Display option includes inbounds and backcourt displays. Our favorite new feature!

New Game Strategy Options include the ability to foul the worst free throw shooter, burn time off the shot clock before shooting, program team paces, and more.

Expanded Encyclopedia Function includes new tools for editing and maintaining your encyclopedias. Even more exciting, the game links the encyclopedia data to your player form for easy viewing of real and replay stats! If you have already built replay or draft encyclopedias, the data automatically appears the first time you view a player. No extra bookwork is required!

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