Andrew Schade

Andrew Schade

A computer science student and varsity track and field athlete, Andrew has found a something that blends his passions for sports, video games, and programming, in Sports management games. He spends a lot of his time studying and going to practice, but also enjoys music, and the company of his pets.


Very Good

Review of Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 4 – Continued strides in every new version

The NBA has come calling, but you aren’t one of the freak-of-nature athletes that make a roster. It’s your brains they want. You’re here to run a franchise. Draft Day Sports Pro Basketball 4, the newest entry in a franchise developed by Wolverine Studios aims to give you a platform to help build the next great dynasty in sports—to let you become the next Red Auerbach, Phil Jackson, Pat Riley, or G...[Read More]