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Front Office Football (FOF 19)
Front Office Football (FOF 19)

We are very happy to announce today that Jim Gindin, owner of Solecismic Software and creator of the long-running Front Office Football game franchise, has joined the OOTP Developments family!

Jim and our team (led by Andreas) have already worked together for over 8 months, laying the groundwork for a franchise reboot which will proudly carry the name "Front Office Football". We have not finished the final feature list, and we have not set a specific release date, although we are targeting late 2018 at the moment.

Since today is a special date for Jim (his company Solecismic Software celebreates its 20th anniversary), we figured it would be perfect timing to keep you in the loop about what was going on here behind the scenes. The new Front Office Football is based on the existing FOF engine and the OOTP user interface. The design has been rewritten from the ground up and should form the basis of years of new development.

We will announce more specifics in the coming months, so stay tuned! Exciting times are ahead.

All the best! Markus, Jim, Andreas and the entire OOTP Developments family

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