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Hoops Manager 2
Hoops Manager 2

If you ever thought that you could run your favorite basketball team better than 'they can', Hoops Manager 2 is for you. Hoops Manager 2 is a full featured sports simulation for professional american basketball. Take over one of 30 teams and guide them to the championship!

Hoops Manager 2 includes:

- full featured team editor, now you can even change team logos and colors!

- player editor for full control of player ratings and details

- ratings based on actual player performance

- includes 4 complete data sets to base your league on (13-14 Season, 14-15 Season, 14-15 End of Season (final team rosters based on stats from that 14-15), and 15-16 Season)

- improved sim accuracy

- advanced and standard statistics

- weekly, monthly and yearly awards

- free agency

- career progression and retirement

- salary cap (including Bird rights, etc)

- trades with up to 3 teams and including draft picks (both human and computer initiated)

- player level offensive and defensive strategy

- team level offensive and defensive formation and pace

- team depth charts

- power rankings

- draft lottery and draft

- All Star game

- full playoffs

- Training Camp

- News reports covering injuries, financials, top performances and awards

- advanced simulation actually plays the game rather than being generated as a composite of ratings and your coaching and strategy will make a difference

- shot chart for team and players during games

- games can be quick simmed (1-3 seconds per game), coached directly or watched

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