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  • The Town Crier
    Youngstown…you’ve heard of it, right? But I doubt you know where it’s located. Well, maybe you’ve heard it’s in Ohio, but walk a couple miles east from Youngstown and you’d be in Pennsylvania.Population: 66,000 and change. But the town’s dying. In 1930 there were 170,000 souls here. It’s been a steady decline ever since…a downward spiral for nearly 90 years. You’ve heard about the Rust Belt. Well, Youngstown has one of the bigger layers of rust. Yeah, we’re the county seat, but so what! The whole county is wasting away.I grew up in Youngstown and still live here. In fact,... Read more »
  • My College Football Simulation [BBCF]
    Check out my College Football Simulation: http://www.simnation.net/forums/showthread.php?31173-My-College-Football-Simulation   Sorry for not posting it here, but th dynasty section on SimNation is a bit more active.  ... Read more »
  • Brewers Dynasty
    I just started today and my farm system is pretty rough so i'm looking to bolster it but also keep my major league roster intact and competing for the playoffs... Read more »
  • The Rise of American Football(FM13)
    This is an alternate reality/DB that some guy did for FM13.  Goes along a hypothetical timeline where Soccer becomes huge(Bigger than the NFL) and a nine-tier soccer league has formed with the top teams rivaling the big teams around the world.   I plan on staying in the States, but if a big name club comes calling I may cross the Atlantic  ... Read more »
  • Patriots Dynasty Continues | Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 2020
    The start of a brand new series with the New England Patriots in Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 2020, by Wolverine Studios. Coming off their 6th Super Bowl win, can they make a repeat even though they're missing their TE Rob Gronkoski due to retirement. Brady is getting older. How long can he last in the NFL? Watch and find out!     EP1. 2019 Week 1: Pittsburgh Steelers at New England Patriots   Watch here... Read more »
  • Toronto Raptors Dynasty - DDS: Pro Basketball 2019
      This Toronto Raptors dynasty starts at the beginning of the 2018-2019 season. Kawhi Leonard has just arrived. How will the team do this year and going into the future? Can we keep Kawhi at the end of the season?   I release a new episode every Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights at 7PM ET. Monday's episode will bring us to Episode 10.   You can watch all the past episode on demand here ->>> https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7U9N7F9BOc9aTuwz9z5_Juy839BN4J9T  ... Read more »
  • The Road to the Hall of Fame [OOTP]
    Hi everyone.  After just starting to repost one of my dynasties here I've had a change of heart.  After going back and reposting several posts I feel like I'm doing double work.  Maybe if I started fresh it would work better, or maybe it's just what I'm used to.  I just know for me that if I keep doing that I'm going to abandon it here eventually.  So hopefully this will work out a little better for me, and I'll be doing this dynasty exclusively here.    I've had pretty good success in the past with a narrow focus for... Read more »
  • My DDS Pro Football 18 game
    Hi all, I'm writing about my Pro Football game at theonlinegm.com if you want to read/follow along. Here you will find stories on my other games i play as well     EDIT: I blog about my games over on my website. Trying to replicate here is a bit time consuming, so I will post links to my updates here if that is ok?     DDS Pro football 18 - part 1: https://theonlinegm.com/dds-pro-football-18-part-1/   DDS Pro football 18 - part 2: https://theonlinegm.com/dds-pro-football-18-part-2/   DDS Pro football 18 - part 3: https://theonlinegm.com/dds-pro-football-18-part-3/   DDS Pro football 18 - part... Read more »
  • Toronto FC (FIFA) Video Career
    "We're the worst team in the world."-- Striker Danny Koevermans about his own team, Toronto FC, on May 22, 2012Now who wouldn't want to manage that club?It's time to do the football dynasty I've always wanted to do featuring my local MLS club Toronto FC in FIFA.... Read more »
  • Buffalo Bills Video Dynasty (Madden)
    July 15, 2012No matter how much he convinced himself he was ready for the end he still feared the pain, the unknowing, the helplessness of it all.It raced through his mind again: He was going to die.It was God's great equalizer. No matter who you were, how much or how little you had, every man faced the same fate. There was no escape. No one to bargain with, no deals to be made. It was final.It wasn't a thought 93-year old Ralph Wilson liked to contemplate. He knew he had led a rich, full life -- World War II veteran,... Read more »
  • Saving the Sonics - A basketball Dynasty [JumpShot]
    Before I work and get enough money to pay for better products, I thought I’d try a dynasty write up, using a free simulator. To start: The scene. I set up a league that is identical to today’s, but with a couple differences (BTW Charlotte’s name change has been noted). Those differences include all fantasy players, as I actually prefer it that way and instead of there being the Oklahoma City Thunder, that team is back in Seattle, as the Sonics. Enter Dr Ben Steward. Dr Steward will be our GM character. He has just been hired by the Sonics... Read more »
  • Post your Dynasty Contest - Draw to Win Free Copy of OOTP 16
    Q: How to Win?1. In the Baseball Dynasty section, start re-posting your OOTP dynasty or start one in preparation to convert to OOTP 16. We encourage all dynasties from fictional, to modern, to historic.2. Message Chris on the forums once you have started sharing your dynasty.** Note: This content requires an active dynasty and participation. If that's you, then we are all looking forward to reading!DEADLINE: Opening Day! Sunday April 5th, when the first pitch is tossed!Dynasty ENTRIES so Far:Entry #1 "Tournament of Champions: Promotion, Relegation, and Forced Relocation" (StLee)Entry #2 "In a World without Baseball...." (Yolson)Entry #3 "The Road... Read more »
  • The Highland Potters [Pennant Wars]
    This will be a dynasty thread about the Highland Potters in the Pennant Wars Williams League, Division 1.   A little background about Pennant Wars. PW is an online fictional baseball sim. It simulates games 6 times a day creating seasons that last approximately 6 weeks real time. Each league has four divisions to create post-season promotion/relegation opportunity so that the best teams rise to D1 over time. This structure also creates some nice introductory divisions for new managers. PW is heavily sabermetrics focused and has a great community full of active managers. If you want to check it... Read more »
  • Rio Grande City Bandits - [GamePlanHockey] career story + tutorial
    Hi all,   I'd like to introduce GamePlanHockey, a browser hockey manager game.   In this topic i will be telling you my career story in the game from start to end (well hopefully there is no end). Along the way, i will discuss all the aspects of the game in depth, which will hopefully help you all to decide if it's a game for you or not    If you like to know more about this game, i advice you to read this amazing and inspiring blog post of the creator of the game, Anders Granberg. It gives... Read more »
  • Franchise Hockey Manager 2 Dynasty
    The National Hockey League is coming into it's 15th Season when the NHL Board of Governors thought something had to change. Now leading up to the off-season, new players would be drafted into the league rather than just signed by teams. This would give teams who are not doing so well in the standings a chance to get better by next year. All stats leading up to this season were wiped from the record books as this is the "New" NHL. The team owners also agreed to have all the players be put into an Inaugural Draft. 401 players will... Read more »
  • Columbus Blue Jackets (FHM14)
    Here's a dynasty I'm currently playing in trying to see what damage I can do to the BJ's. I've gone through season 1 and I'll post a little summary here. (some of you may recognise this from another forum, so I've skipped the multiple posts and gone straight to the End/Season one) I'll post semi-regularly updates on Season 2 and beyond.... Read more »
  • Purple Reign Redeux: A Front Office Football 7 Story
    In our last Purple Reign story, the Vikings had either been very dominant, or crippled by the injury bug. This injury bug must have carried over to my Xbox, and the old Purple Reign is no more. But this time, we're ready to re-write the script, with GM Bundy at the helm of the 2014 Vikings again, ready again to take on the NFL and bring the Vikings their first (of hopefully many) Lombardi trophy.    1st Pre-Season Game, 2014 The Vikings absolutely dominated the Raiders, though at times the score board didn't show that.    Scoring Summary 6:24 Q1: Raiders... Read more »
  • Tom “Whatever It Takes” Bradbury
      During my interview for the head coaching job at Memphis, Steve Forester, the AD, said he was tired and the alumni were tired of Memphis playing 3rd fiddle to Kentucky and Louisville. The more we talked, the more I realized that this was my opportunity to make a huge jump from a very low mid-major in the coaching ranks to an up-and-comer. Steve said he wanted a coach who would “do whatever it takes” to make Memphis a powerhouse team. Not only does he want the Tigers to best Kentucky and Louisville, he wants a national championship, and better... Read more »
  • Who's Bret Vandergard and what's he done for us lately? [DDSCB3]
    This dynasty report will be written from the perspective of several individuals (rather than from the perspective of the head coach). Each of these individuals will be identified at the beginning of his/her posting for this dynasty.Initial season: 2013-2014Initial program: Eastern Washington Eagles. Team prestige--16, Big Sky Conference prestige--28, Facilities--C, Academics--C- (Min SAT of 860), Reese Court (6,000 capacity).Initial Recruiting level: Normal... Read more »
  • A Coach's Journey
    So I went to an old save file I had on my NCAA Football 14 game and I had a coach I was trying to have a great career. I forgot how far he went and it jogged my memory on what all he did. So here is his journey in a super simplified way:   OC: Kansas 2013 9-4  Bowl Win 2014 12-1 Conference Champs Bowl Win #3 Final Ranking 2015 11-2 Conference Champs Sugar Bowl Loss #5 Final Ranking HC: Texas State 2016 7-5  Bowl Loss 2017 9-4  Bowl Win 2018 10-3 CC Bowl Win #19 Final 2019... Read more »
  • New Lions Born in Guiseley (FM15 Story)
    We will be using the default database the idea that I seen by Wynne from Youtube about only buying Regens aka Youth Intake so that is all I will be using for signing players in this game. I want to become the first Canadian to make his name known in the England league in FM15 save.   Just a bit of history of myself   Growing up in Hamilton, Ontario Canada I was a huge hockey fan and after completing the SWMM scouting and GM course I knew what it would take to run a successful franchise. However there was... Read more »
  • NCAA 14 Created Team Dynasty: NSU Coyotes
    Recently I decided to create a brand new team and start from scratch. No good players, everything starting with a D- rating and set it to Heisman. I put the Nebraska State Coyotes as independents and gave it a whirl. WK 1 vs FCS Midwest: W26-20 Surprised i was and was behind 12-20 at the start of the 4th. Lucky 2 INTs got me in great field position and i did nothing but run the ball on short fields and kill the clock. WK 2 @ Alabama L13-24 How i managed this one i have no idea as i was... Read more »
  • DDS:CB3 Dynasty: The Professor
    May 1, 1968: I am Professor Leland Hart, 25, Harvard University. I have decided to keep this journal in order to document my progress regarding this fascinating experiment which I have taken on. I completed my Ph. D. in statistical analysis, here at Harvard, in December. I was able to design my own program which included research into game theory, sports statistics, and any number of other areas, all with the intention of determining which factors have the most relevance when it comes to success in competitive athletics at the Division I collegiate level. After a good deal of study... Read more »
  • Five Friends/Foes (DDSCB2017)
      Over the years through premier youth basketball, AAU basketball, and college basketball, five players became friends. Sometimes they were on opposing teams and at other times they played on the same teams. After graduating from college, all five eventually became assistant coaches.  In 2016, college basketball realigned into twenty-two 16-team conferences. These were set up based on the present strengths of the 352 teams with the 16 best teams in Conference A, the next 16 best teams in Conference B, and all the way down to the lowest rated 16 teams being in Conference V. Due to this drastic... Read more »
  • Newcastle Tribune - On the Ropes, the Fighters Round Review (GPHM)
    Through the first two games of the regular season fans of the Newcastle Fighters have more questions than answers as the team searches for their first regulation win. After overcoming Stoney Brook in a back and forth game that saw the Fighters give up their lead on three separate occasions. With two minutes left in the third and trailing by two goals the Fighters miraculously tied the game with two goals in 30 seconds to eventually win the game 6-5 in the shootout off of the hat trick tally by Yassine Hutton.    The following night was much of the... Read more »
  • The 2020 Toronto Blue Jays [OOTP15]
    I have been dying to get back into writing a dynasty report ever since I lost my Blue Jays Dynasty after a corrupted hard drive killed it in 2032. So I decided to start a new 2015 game and let it sim 5 seasons before I took over. I wanted to see what the computer GM would do with the Jays and to be honest he did a very good job! In 5 seasons the Blue Jays managed to make the playoffs 4 times (with 2017 being the exception) and in the last 2 seasons they have had the best record... Read more »
  • The Blade [a DDSCB3 story]
    (Author's note: Once again, I am doing two associations at once)   April 25, 1991   Alvin Price is the name I was born with. I was born in Nutley, New Jersey on May 1, 1968. I very quickly grew to be long and lean. I reached my full height of 6’11’, and my full weight of 195 in high school. With a body like that it’s no wonder I came to be known as “The Blade.” I looked like the world’s tallest steak knife, viewed in profile.  There was actually a second reason for my nickname. My shot cut... Read more »
  • The Jeremy Knight Experience v2.0 [Hoops Dynasty]
    So a while back I started a dynasty report using DDS:CB3. Needless to say, that quickly died out due to changing to a Mac (and not being able to play CB3 anymore) and not having any free time due to work and school. Anyways, I’ve been itching to get back into posting a dynasty story. The issue is I can still no longer play CB3. However, I have been playing Hoops Dynasty over at whatifsports.com and decided that I could write about that.   I’m preparing to start my 18th season in this world so I figured I would use... Read more »
  • The Media's Perspective (DDSCB2016)
    Bison BlogBISON CONTINUE SEARCH FOR HEAD COACHThe on-going effort by North Dakota State to hire a new men’s basketball head coach is continuing painfully. Although AD Steve Monroe has interviewed at least 6 coaches, the university has yet to have any show enough interest to take on the job. The Bison used to have strong basketball teams and Scheels Arena used to fill for basketball games. But the emergence of FOOTBALL as KING at North Dakota State has resulted in a stead downward slide of the basketball program. The Arena now is like a morgue for most games. Their recent dismal... Read more »
  • (EHM 1) Atlanta Really?
    Well one day I will keep up with a story for you guys. however in the past I tried to go way to in depth I feel so I will try to dial that back.   EHM 1 - Atlanta Really? I downloaded a patch for the game which let's me play in 1974. So here we are in the hockey hot bed of Atlanta, Georgia? Oh well. Let's see what we can do here.   History up to 1974 The city of Atlanta was awarded a franchise in 1971 and... Read more »
  • Pollsters Top 8 Holiday Tournament
    Pollsters Top 8 Holiday Tournament   This special holiday tournament matches up the top 8 teams in the polls after the completion of pre-conference play. Both the Media and Coaches Polls this year have are identical for the top 8 places. They are: 1. North Carolina Tarheels (AAC) 2. Georgia Tech Yellowjackets (AAC) 3. Arizona Wildcats (Pac-12) 4. Michigan State Spartans (Big 10) 5. Duke Blue Devils (ACC) 6. Michigan Wolverines (Pac-12) 7. Kansas Jayhawks (Big 12) 8. Mississippi Rebels (SEC) [NOTE: The teams and rankings are from the Tad Bolton dynasty thread that I’m running separately. This tournament is... Read more »
  • Tournament of Champions: Promotion, Relegation, and Forced Relocation
    Hi, everyone. I have left a dynasty of epic proportions on the back burner because my computer cannot handle it or OOTP cannot handle it. Maybe a combination of both. Unfortunately for me, I spent dozens of hours making uniforms, creating histories, and all kinds of things for that world only to have it blow up OOTP 15 for me multiple times. It was a sad day, but I finally decided I would retry once I buy a brand new, state-of-the-art gamer's laptop. That probably won't happen before the summer of '16, so in the meantime, here is a doable... Read more »
  • Video Diary of FIFA Manager Bhurst99
    ... Read more »
  • Manitoba Dreaming: Winnipeg Jets (EHM)
    It was a little less than 5 years ago when talks about a NHL team back in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The struggling (then) Phoenix Coyotes were bankrupt and the City of Glendale, Arizona were tasked with covering the costs of the team. The NHL who owned them at the time said either you cover the costs or we walk. So at the 11th hour, the City of Glendale decided to pick up te tab to save their team. So now what would happen with the Winnipeg group that was looking for a NHL team? Sights turned to the East coast... Read more »
  • Return to HockeyTown... A Detroit Red Wings BeaGM
    Author’s Note—               Unfortunately I didn’t decide to fully jump in with the BeAGM story until I had already played up to the playoffs of the first season. So my goal is to move through the regular season fairly quickly and begin to provide more in depth game recaps beginning in season two.   Also this is my first time posting a dynasty on this website so if i step on any toes please let me know. I have some pictures to be included in this but an having trouble formatting them as I'm unfamiliar with the set up... Read more »
  • NHL: Reborn
    With the new FHM 2 going back further this year that the previous incarnation. I figured why not start from there. The season starts in 1931-32 but the NHL actually began in 1917-18.   Season 1917-1918 The National Hockey League took off where the National Hockey Association left off. Four teams played in this inaugural season of the NHL. The Montreal Canadiens, Toronto Hockey Club, Ottawa Senators and the Montreal Wanderers all took part in this season. Montreal Canadiens won the first half of the season while the Toronto Hockey Club won the 2nd half which meant that they... Read more »
  • NHL: The Beginning
    I will take what I deem to be the worst franchise at the time of the game which starts in 31-32. At this time the only team to not win the Stanley Cup or appear in the finals was the Detroit Falcons (Red Wings) and Chicago Blackhawks. I think I will take over the Falcons because that was my uncles fav. team.    *in the event I get fired I will automatically take over the last place team*   NHL A New Era   Up to this point in the NHL there was no drafts and mostly the Canadian teams... Read more »
  • Oklahoma City Bison (Deep Route)
    EDIT: I restarted this franchise with a different Deep Route League after taking a few months off. The first version is alright, though a lot of it gets bland and repetitive. The second version kicks back up approximately 50 years after the first, and I'm trying to put more work and effort into it. To skip ahead to  the 2nd Era, go to page 4, and scroll down.             Our story begins in the 2035 off-season, in a league struggling to retain owners. Oklahoma City was awarded its first franchise, a team that had seen temporary location in Kansas City... Read more »
  • Freeware EHM throwback Nashville dynasty - Free the Sabercat!
        I always liked the freeware version of EHM and had the urge to play it again recently. After toying with a couple of story ideas, here is what I came up with. I will be playing with the default rosters and settings of the game, starting with the 2001-02 season, taking control of the Nashville Predators. Here we go! The Nashville Predators hockey club has appointed Austin Killer as their new general manager. David Poile, who has been with the team since they came into the NHL in 1998, had to resign due to personnal reasons. The... Read more »
  • Rebuilding The Philadelphia Flyers(NHL16/PS4)
    In an effort to kickstart some more dynasties on GMG, I'll be posting my Flyers NHL16 BAGM over here as well.  My main avenue of reporting is over at Dynasty Nation(http://www.dynastynationnetwork.com/dynasty.php?s=nhl&u=rittflyers) along with a twitter account https://twitter.com/FlyersBagm.  Currently I am creating a ton of missing prospects(already drafted out to the 2019  draft) along with various movie characters(Charlie Conway, Doug Glatt, Denis Lemieux, etc.) and I'm looking to get this going by the Season Opener.  ... Read more »
  • 1871 - New World Order
    Hello all, I'm starting a new dynasty today. It will be from the start of the Baseball until whenever. lol. But there will be 2 major difference's in my dynasty from the timeline of the beginning to wherever I end. There will be a Designated Hitter in BOTH leagues. Yes that's right, both leagues will have a DH. and 2nd one is that there will be a wild card spot for the playoffs. making ever game mean something, because in baseball we all know anything can happen. I hope you enjoy. My manager is Shawn Howard. He will start unemployed.... Read more »
  • Kelowna Rockets - 2014
    Hello all readers, I will be taking over the Kelowna Rockets as they are my hometown team. The best players on the team are Leon Draisaitl, Madison Bowey and Nick Merkley. The top prospects include Dillon Dube, Jake Morrissey and Callun Foote.    The team was won 3 previous WHL championships with the latest coming in 2009.    The board expects me to win the Championship this year. ... Read more »
  • Path to the Hall of Fame (DDSCB2)
    Redoing another dynasty in DDSCB2 (for some reason, accessing the Wolverine Forum site is intermittent from my location)   Background: - simmed for 50+ years, in order to generate historical data - allows conference movement - allows undegrads to declare early    ... Read more »
  • Dysfunctional Dave McGee, a DDS:CB3 Dynasty
    As told by Dave's friend, Michael "Red" O'Connor   Dysfunctional Dave McGee I guess it even surprises me how long I’ve been with Dave. He’s not an easy guy to get along with- hell, he’s impossible to get along with- three ex-wives, not a single other long term friendship, no connection to his family… The man the media has always called “Dysfunctional” Dave McGee is one of a kind. He has a fierce, hair trigger temper, he has been known to get into street brawls, and more often bar brawls, he drinks way too much, he is constantly mad... Read more »
  • Purple Reign: A Vikings Dynasty (Madden 15)
       In 2014, Mike Zimmer took over as head coach of the Minnesota Vikings. He inherited a team full of promising-but-undeveloped youth, in a tough division. A rookie quarterback was ready to shine, alongside a troubled runninback, underperformin receivers, an overpaid tight end, and a patchwork offensive line. A defense that had once been so dominant with stars known round the nation would have to rely on unknown and inexperienced youngsters.      2014 was not a good year for the Vikings. They started off with three losses, before finally defeating a team (their then-undefeated rival, the Green Bay Packers).... Read more »
  • The Top 1 Through 16 Tournament [DDSCB3]
        The NCAA has begun a new pre-season tournament matching the who they feel are TOP 16 teams. The tournament will proceed with winners playing winners and losers playing losers all the way through the entire 4 days of the tournament. Therefore 32 games will be played over the 4 days. The result of the tournament will be placing for each team from 1 through 16. #1 will have won all 4 games they play, #16 will have lost all 4 games they play, those teams placing 2 through 5 will have won 3 of their 4 games, the teams placing... Read more »
  • WINNERS of the Baseball Dynasty Contest
    Hey everyone. I used an online tool and the following results are the winners of the Baseball Dynasty contest!   Entry #3 "The Road to the Hall of Fame" (nyy #23) Entry #1 "Tournament of Champions: Promotion, Relegation, and Forced Relocation" (StLee)   Congratulations!!   I will be contacting you with your free copy of Out of the Park Baseball 16 or another possible game from the General Manager Games coverage!   Well done.... Read more »
  • Bill Bradley: Rebuilding the Rockies [OOTP]
    Entry #1 I think I'd better introduce myself. I'm Bill Bradley, and I'm the new Rockies GM. I was recently hired, and I'm excited to be a part of this wonderful organization. I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, and I lived there until I went off to college to play baseball and get a degree in business. I was drafted professionally by the Baltimore Orioles, but my career fizzled out after a few years, and I decided to join the front office. Here I am!I hope to get this team up to a championship caliber year in and year... Read more »
  • Rebuilding OHL Squad team listed inside, Read to find out (EHM 07 Story)
    Note: While EHM 07 and EHM:EA are still in their stages of updating rosters and what not, I have decided to go with the default database has not been edited in any way, except for division changes, and some teams have been moved to make up for the teams that are around the league today. I have decided to move Belleville Bulls to Hamilton to be the Hamilton Bulldogs of the OHL   Why the Bulldogs you ask? I was born and raised in Hamilton, so i decided to take on my hometown club.   We have autosimmed the... Read more »
  • The Super Baseball League [OOTP]
    NOTE: This is also posted here: http://www.ootpdevelopments.com/board/ootp-dynasty-reports/252200-super-baseball-league.html   This morning I really worked on making a fictional league for the first time. My league is (mostly) completed, and it is called the Super Baseball League. I started it in 2002 and simmed the first three seasons to create a bit of history. I have no minors, other than that it is standard MLB settings. I haven't been able to get all the uniforms loaded, so for now I have FaceGens turned off. Here are the SBL teams w/ 2002 standings: And the history: Finances:... Read more »
  • The Yawkey Way (1974) [OOTP]
    March 1974 Boston, MassachusettsUnited Flight 169 from Cleveland dropped out of clouds at 12,000 feet into a warm (for March), brilliant morning. She was a Boeing 737-200, almost brand new with less than 1,000 hours wear, and her red, white and blue hull arced gracefully through the sky as she banked into the traffic pattern at Logan International.She was a full flight with some 120 people on board including crew, mostly businessmen with a handful of revelers in the back rows determined to paint the city green well in advance of St. Patrick's Day. Of the former, there were two... Read more »
  • GM Updates in EHM: Early Access. What team are you?
    This topic are for those who might want to share a small story about their team without writing the whole journey.... Read more »
  • In a World without Baseball.... [OOTP]
    Scenario: The year is 1972. The United States has not had a functional major baseball league since 1942. The countries focus on World War II drew the populations attention away from the national past-time. And in the process, soccer made it's way into the States after all the soldiers came back home playing it. Chicago SC most recently defeated Los Angeles City in the Champions Playoffs. Sure the game is still played at the juvenile level, but no major league has developed since MLB folded. But some people aren't ready to let the sport die just yet....   News Clipping: Jan.... Read more »
  • Kip Clark Staying with it [a DDSCB3 story]
    This will be a Promotion/Relegation association. It will begin in 1963 and will take us through the 60s and who knows how far. We'll see young Kip grow and change, both as a person and as a coach as he is influenced by his time and by being about 25-30 miles from Boston.   He hopes to stay with UMass-Lowell for a long time, to see just how far up he can bring them. They are in the lowest Conference and have a Team Prestige rating of 2 (I set it at 0 but when it came up it was... Read more »
  • Major League Baseball Reimagined (OOTP 16)
    Hi everyone.  I'll be cross posting this dynasty that I started a few days ago in the OOTP forums, so just a bit of catch-up to get started.   -------   Every time a new version comes out I like to create a new league and take it for a test drive. There are several new features in OOTP 16 that I'm excited for, and thought that it would be fun to start in 1871 and replay a history of Major League Baseball. I won't be taking control of any team, and will be using OOTP 'out of the box', at... Read more »
  • Leah (Pronounced Lee) Jamison Dynasty Report [DDSPB3]
    I finally had the money to pull the trigger and buy myself a real basketball sim, getting Draft Day Sports Pro Basketball 3. Here is the dynasty report for my first GM. Its over on Wolverine Studios as well. Its 2011. The League has been created with 27 teams. In the Eastern Conference, there are 14 teams in two Divisions: The Atlantic, and Central. In the Atlantic division, we have Miami Burn, New Jersey Hoops, Washington Americans, Philadelphia Freedom, Orlando Mystics, Boston Irish, and New York Metros. In the Central: Detroit Gears, Cleveland Knights, Chicago Bison, Indiana Racers, Milwaukee Moose,... Read more »
  • Request for DDSCB Collaboration
    So, all you people out there. I think that it would be cool if I partner with somebody who enjoys playing DDS:CB and connecting it with my DDSPB dynasty. Since I use DDSPB3, just make sure that whatever you do is compatible.... Read more »
  • [FHM14 DYNASTY] - Florida Panthers
    As promised here is the beginning of the tale of the 2013-2014 Florida Panthers... James "Bonehead" Moore was hired as GM/Head Coach replacing ??? and paid $1.5M per year for virtually no hockey coaching skills and really horrible scouting or management skills either. If life were only that easy!   This is more in depth for a reason, I usually see people asking about favorite players on thier own teams or league leaders, so I'll give the folks a chance to immerse themselves for just a little more work on my end.  There is a weekly phone call/meeting with the... Read more »
  • Three On Five (FHM14- Original Players Dynasty)
    Hello All,   I'm looking to shake up the Dynasty boards and start a new type of dynasty, one that focuses not on the general manager but on the development of the players.  I started a game with Mar. 2014 rosters and simmed the game ahead one year.  I then went to the Bantam league and customized three newgens to be the starts of the show.   I will be chronicling their careers as they try to make it to the NHL.  I tried to vary their skill levels and potentials to hopefully get them into the NHL as realistic... Read more »
  • [FHM14] The Leafs Rebuild
    August 16th 2013   Today, Larry Tanenbaum at a Press Conference inside the Air Canada Centre announced that the Toronto Maple Leafs have hired 33 year old Joe Murphy from England as new General Manager and Head Coach. The move has come as a surprise to the Leafs Nation with Murphy's only prior job as Head Coach of local peewee team. As part of Murphy's speech he said that the team need to undergo a full rebuild and not to expect too much from the team in his first year.      Players on the trade block Davey Clarkman... Read more »
  • [Dynasty] Building in the Desert! [FHM14]
    Being a huge fan of the YouTube series done by 2BCproductions, and having read some other Dynasty's done by others on this forum I have decided to go ahead and do an Arizona Coyotes. Some things to start, I am starting in Blind Mode as I feel it makes the game a little more interesting and will force me to use my scouts a little bit more on the NHL side of things, focusing on first my own team so that I can get my starting rosters in full swing then going to the rest of the NHL. I have never... Read more »
  • 1994 Atlanta Braves Season Replay
    John Smoltz, Tom Glavine, Greg Maddux and Bobby Cox are all enshrined in Cooperstown now but this group of Hall of Famers were only able to win it all once together. That came in 1995. The year before that the Braves made their first appearance in the NL East and found themselves trailing the Expos, but still leading the wildcard race when the strike canceled the season. There are so many questions to answer about 1994 and one of them is could this Braves team have won it all in 1994? We will find out. Opening Day was a successful... Read more »
  • Boston Celtics Dynasty 1984 and Beyond
    Taking over as GM of the Boston Celtics right after winning it all in 1984 is not a bad gig, the pressure is real though. The Larry Bird Celtics would only win one more title after 1984 while Magic and the Lakers would go on to win three more. It is my job to make sure that doesn't happen. The 1984-85 Celtics are loaded and are looking to repeat. So far, the Celtics have looked like champions while the Lakers are battling injuries. Injuries and age are what brought the Celtics down. Could this new history tilt in the Celtics... Read more »
  • 1949 Boston Red Sox Season Replay
    1949 was the last shot for Ted Williams, Bobby Doerr, Johnny Pesky and Dom Dimaggio to get that elusive World Series title. It would be one of the all time great pennant races with the Red Sox finishing just short. The offense is there but the Red Sox could never get quite enough pitching. Could I manage this team to the pennant? It won't be easy especially after what happened on Opening Day. Follow along at 1949 Boston Red Sox Season Replay... Read more »
  • Unemployeed (EHM07)
    Note: For this story I used the TBLv1.5 database, starting unemployed and then come January/February 2007 I will be applying for a GM job in the WHL.Keep in mind between now and then I will be applying to take over an U18 squad for the WJC or WJC D1 and work our way up to the WJC.   My nationality is set as Canadian with a 2nd Nationality of Italy.   August 2nd   I have applied for the following U20 GM jobs:   Austria U20 Czech Rep U20 Finland U20 Germany U20 Great Britain U20 Norway U20 Russia U20... Read more »
  • Rise of the Rock | An FM15 Story
    Football Manager. The game that has influenced some of the worlds top managers into signing that 16 year old wonderkid from Brazil purely because he won the Ballon d'Or in their saves 10 years in however it is also the game that has destroyed the futures of many teenagers as they have stayed up all night scouting for that next Messi in the third division of Japan when they have an exam in school the next morning. I have fallen victim to one of the above and I'm sure you can guess which one After recently discovering this forum... Read more »
  • Randall DeSevers; A DDS:PB4 Dynasty Report
    October 4, 2014 Atlanta Eagles owner Stewart Malkin has announced the hiring of Randall DeSevers as the team's new General Manager. DeSevers spent time as a D-II head coach with the University of Southern Indiana for several years before joining the Eagles' organization four years ago as lead assistant coach / chief scouting guru. During those four years the Eagles made the playoffs all four times, but failed to get past the Conference Semis in all but his first season (2010-11). The Eagles are looking at a breakout season, however, and will be looking to DeSevers to make big moves... Read more »
  • Ducks Fly Together! - an [EHM07] Dynasty
    Hello all, my last dynasty would have been worth while if FHM wasnt well you know bad. So i'm going to go back and play some good old EHM 07. The rosters are from 2010/11 and yea, Hope you guys enjoy the read   On August 30th, 2006, Shawn Howard was hired to be the new General Manager of the Anaheim Ducks. This came to much scrutiny as many believed it was uncalled for as GM Bob Murray was building a great team. The owners just felt it was time to move on and go in a different direction.... Read more »
  • United Federation of African Baseball
    Africa, the birthplace of human life,  a land of majestic animals, and filled to the brim with sights of beautiful landscapes, what else could it need? A baseball league. This is where I come in. I, Edmund Stillwater, a 60 year-old English industrialist who just happens to have a strong passion for baseball.  I have recently been informed of a potential chance to open a baseball league in Africa. Of course, I immediately jumped at this opportunity and began searching for the cities to be the founding cities of the league. After about a year-and-a-half of planning, the United Federation... Read more »
  • Coming Out of Hibernation: A Chilliwack Bruins Story [EHM07]
    Note: For this story I used the an old TBLv1.4 or 5 can’t remember, I quick simmed through the 2006-2007 season and then rook over my favorite WHL team after the last day of the season which is March 18th 2007. That favorite WHL team of my is the Chilliwack Bruins.    Using the EHM 07 Realism Patch   Our development club is the Westside Warriors of the BCHL league. Just a bit of history this past season, Chilliwack Bruins finished last in their division with 68 points 6 pts out of a playoff spot behind Kelowna who finished with... Read more »
  • MLB Modified
    MLB Modified I am doing a MLB replay with some modifications. I am using OOTP15.     There was no organized baseball before 1901.     10 teams in each league (AL and NL).     Two divisions in each league; complete Minor League system.     West coast baseball is alive and well!!     Negro League players, top quality Minor League players (ie. Pacific Coast League) and Japanese     players are included.     Players start with no history.     Inaugural draft in 1901, with yearly amateur drafts after that.     Players do not retire according to history, and will not miss seasons according to... Read more »
  • Fallout: New Vegas' Mojave Baseball League [Retired]
    I hope it's OK to transport this dynasty over here. I had intentions of starting a new dynasty with OOTP 15 soon, but in the meantime, I am trying to finish up my OOTP 14 dynasty, a journey into the post-game world of Fallout: New Vegas. This dynasty originally started on May 23, 2013, so it is nearly a year old and I am nearing its completion, but I hope you can enjoy it here.      Disclaimer:  The following dynasty is a Fan Fiction dynasty of the game Fallout: New Vegas. I am in no way associated with Fallout, Bethesda Games,... Read more »
  • A Wolverines Wolverine Studios DDSCB3 Dynasty
    Well, I decided to buy Gary's latest product today. As a current/former employee of the company I like to support him (plus he's a Michigan guy..lol). Also, in reading the game details I am intrigued by the Recruiting Pipeline option that is new in this version. I've also been a big fan of the Legacy Option Gary offers in his games (they help transition for long dynasties...which I wouldn't know about). So I bought it and that entails a fresh start here. I've installed the game, gotten the updated "Real Life" mod from the Wolverine forums. And it's Game... Read more »
  • DDS:CB3 Dynasty: A Career - Hamish Hutchens
    Hamish Hutchens was born and raised in Statesboro, Georgia, son of academics who taught at Georgia Southern. The Eagles were best known for their football prowess, but Hamish had always passionately loved and played basketball and one day dreamed of playing for their varsity side.   At the beginning of high school though, his parents transferred to the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama. By the time he had finished high school, he had made new friends and though and he happily enrolled in South Alabama so he could stay close to his parents.   A feisty point guard... Read more »
  • North American BaseBall League (NABL)
    I will be taking over the Cincinnati Reds for the 1960 season. I have a lot to do.Draft ResultsHall Of Fame Induction... Read more »
  • United States Baseball League(OOTP14)
    USBL To Start Inaugural Season March 1st, 1875 - Jim O'Malley will be the commissioner of the United States Baseball League, the 1st Professional league in America. 8 cities have signed on to have teams in the league, along with 16 other cities acting as the minor league teams. Players have already been drafted in the Inaugural draft with a few free agents still available. Spring Training will start today with teams playing 24 games. Season will get underway April 1st with all 8 teams playing. Season will last 50 games, with the Division Leader being crowned Champion of the... Read more »
  • Rewriting History EHM 07 Philadelphia Flyers
    Game: Eastside Hockey Manager Roster: UUDB 6.1 (Updated Roster and Prospects out to 2014)(http://www.ehmtheblueline.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=11256) Start Date: Simmed one year(06-07) Took over after Regular Season Monthly Updates    ... Read more »
  • The Saga of Baseball
    The Origin of Baseball   A number of theories posit that Abner Doubleday was not the true inventor of baseball, but the evidence weighs heavy against them. The vast majority of historical research points to Doubleday inventing the game in May of 1839 in Cooperstown, New York. Doubleday, soon to depart for West Point, set down the official rules to baseball with his boyhood friends. The group had long played stick and ball games, and the future Union general later said that the rules had served as a going away present.   “The games of ball and stick were... Read more »
  • MLB Forever -- JaysDailyDose's Final OOTP Report. (CrossPosted)
    Hello everyone! This is the final dynasty report I am ever going to write for OOTP Baseball, and I intend to play this league for the rest of my life. This is a cross-post from the OOTP Developments forum, and from this point, other than comments from this community, it will be a direct copy of my posts on that thread, so I felt I should post this to avoid any possible confusion! Welcome to MLB Forever!  ... Read more »
  • DDS:CB3 Dynasty: Mack Jones- The Hard Way
    DDS:CB3 Mack Jones (Author's Note: DDS:CB3 continues to go through changes and relatively frequent upgrades. This thread, like Temporary Like Achilles", will be short lived, ending when DDS releases version 1.4.) They tell me I gotta block out swears. Fine. Expect a lotta block outs. I had a rough life but I worked hard and I got through everything. Never caught a break neither. I was born 44 years ago, in 1930. My mother was a street wh*re in Chicago during the Depression. She managed to keep me for a while but when I was eight one... Read more »
  • X-Post: PCF Basketball Dynasty story
     http://forums.gmgames.org/topic/1573-pcf-basketball-dynasty-traiblazers/     I've just been signed by the Portland Traiblazers. Expected to lead the team into the playoffs, I am not quite sure if I can take this 33 win team and reverse the win-loss column. But I am determined to do it.    The last of the team's offseason decisions, I am content with the roster assembled. Lillard, Batum and Aldridge are my offensive minded starters, while Wes Mathews and RoLo will be able to hold down the ship. We don't have a great bench, but I think that, if everyone stays healthy, we should be able... Read more »
  • The Long Road to Glory
    Baseball has been my life.  It's all that I've ever known.  I've lived and breathed it my entire life.  I was drafted out of high school, passed up on a college scholarship, and agreed to a multi million dollar signing bonus.  I was going to pitch in the World Series and be a star, win Cy Young Awards, World Series rings, and go to the Hall of Fame.   Everything was heading in the right direction, but everything can change in an instant.  If I didn't get in the car and head to the park for  a pickup game with... Read more »
  • Philadelphia Phillies Dynasty
    To The Reader At best, I am a casual observer of Major League Baseball. I follow one team, and I really do not care about the rest. However, the Philadelphia Phillies have always interested me. Back in 2008, the talent that the Phillies had developed and accumulated during their World Series run impressed me. With names like Cole Hamels, Chase Utley, Shane Victorino, Jimmy Rollins, and Ryan Howard, it seemed like the sky was the limit for Philadelphia and they were on the precipice of becoming one of baseball's storied dynasties. Unfortunately, the Phillies never lived up to... Read more »
  • 1970 Vancouver Canucks Franchise (FHM 14)
    Hello all, My name is Shawn Howard and I will be taking over the Vancouver Canucks in 1970. I will begin in commissioner mode and take over Vancouver as soon as they become a franchise and build them my way. Hope you enjoy I have Auto Expand on, draft rookies on, cannot be fired on. July 1st, 1970Take over Vancouver CanucksJuly 7th, 1970Signed LW J Bob Kelly to a 2 year contract worth 550K per year.July 8th, 1970Signed D Dennis Kearns to a 2 years contract worth 1.1 million perSigned D Jean Potvin, LW Floyd Thomson and RW Rene Robert... Read more »
  • DDS:CB3 Dynasty: DDSCB3 Ultimate Dynasty
    This is the 2nd Attempt at the DDSCB3 Ultimate Dynasty. Please read posts 1-6 of the original thread for the full story here: http://www.wolverinestudios.com/forum/showthread.php?t=19191... Read more »
  • Dinamo Riga KHL (Franchise Hockey Manager 14)
    Spurred on by the start of the Gagarin Cup Finals (although lacking Riga, we did have a great season this time round!) And also motivated by some of the other Dynasty reports going on, I decided to try one too.TIKAI RIGA! TIKAI DINAMO!Wilson signs as Riga GM/Head Coach- Out of nowhere, the unknown English GM has been picked up by Riga for the upcoming season! Speaking no Latvian/Russian but English, Cantonese, some bad French and worse German, the board seem to think they've found their man. To note: Wilson has visited Riga at least, taking in a KHL game against... Read more »
  • Temporary Like Achilles [DDSCB3] [Retired]
    Author's Note: DDS:CB3 is still a new release and changes are being made. I have started several threads but have them on hold since updates may result in losing them. If that happens I can pick up from where I am but not if I continue. At the same time I enjoy doing dynasties so i thought I'd tart one and run it until game changes kill it. Thus the title (A Bob Dylan song for those who do not know his music). Here goes: May 1, 1971 My name is Achilles Karabinakis. I am the son... Read more »
  • DDSCB3: Strategy, Strategy, Strategy: The Josh Drake Story
    I've basically inserted myself into the game and my initial team is Grand Canyon.Coach Name: Josh DrakeBirthdate: 3/25/1998 (Age 16)Height: 5 feet, 3 inchesWeight 115 Lbs.Birthplace: Shelby, NCResidence: Grover, NCTeam: Grand Canyon AntelopesLocation: Phoenix, AZConference:https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/f7/Western_Athletic_Conference_Logo.svgTeam Prestige: 10 (+9 from head coach hiring)Conference Prestige: 19Facilities: D-Academics: B-Other WAC Members:Cal State-BakersfieldChicago StateMissouri-Kansas CityNew Mexico StateSeattleTexas Pan AmericanUtah Valley State'LOPE TV(EPISODE #1: A NEW FACE IN TOWN)(Grand Canyon Athletic Director Keith Baker is on a stool in the middle of the court of GCU Arena awaiting the arrival of Coach Drake)Keith Baker: At this moment, I would like to welcome the new head... Read more »
  • DDS: CB3 Dynasty: The Jeremy Knight Experience [Retired]
    And the Bruins do it again! Top seeded UCLA is the 2023 king of college hoops! They complete the championship repeat with a 72-52 victory over Maryland in Indianapolis! Thank you for watching the 2023 NCAA Men’s Basketball championship on CBS. We look forward to seeing you again next year. I sat on my couch just staring into my tv as I watched blue and gold confetti shower all over the court at Lucas Oil Stadium. Familiar, household name players celebrated with each other, most of which I’m sure would be heading to the NBA sooner than later. The college... Read more »
  • DDS:CB3 Dynasty Buddy Boy Blakelee: Good Ole Boy [Retired]
    March 31, 2014 Jerome “Buddy Boy” Blakelee (May 1, 1917-March 30, 2014) “The world of basketball lost a truly unique man today. ‘Buddy Boy’ Blakelee, who spent forty-three years coaching Division I basketball at various schools here in the south, ending up at Georgia Tech where he had great success, died today in his LaGrange, GA home, surrounded by his family, beloved wife of 73 years, Loretta Blakelee, son Jerome, Jr., and daughters Emmy Lou and Bobby Jo. He was 96 years old." “WATL radio here in Atlanta has literally thousands of hours of programming on... Read more »
  • DDS:CB3 Dynasty Jake Marlow: All I Ever Wanted [Retired]
    Author’s Note: The point of playing DDS:CB3 for me is not to duplicate reality. It is to create my own reality, my own alternate universe. I play to escape. Here, within the limits of what is possible with the game, I live and coach in my own world. This first dynasty will take place in a universe in some ways very similar to ours, and in other ways quite different. Let’s begin! Jake Marlow: All I Ever Wanted All I ever wanted was to be a Division I head basketball coach- well, after I got done being a Division... Read more »
  • Who let the Dogs Out (Hamilton Bulldogs ehm 07 story)
    Just a few notes. I am using the UUB 6.1 roster continued by CJ as well as the realism ehm 07 patch, basically started the file unemployed and then this is where the story begins   May 2007   May 25th   With the Montreal Canadiens struggling over the past few years, the Montreal Canadiens decided to sell the team to the Molson Family. With that being said after the past struggling seasons they have decided that it’s time for a new direction. They fired Pierre Gauthier and started to begin their search on a new GM for the... Read more »
  • The Expos are Back (OOTP14 story)
    Hey guys i thought i would give this a try so I am going to do a story mode of OOPT14 as my expansion team as I will be playing as the Montreal Expos and the other expansion team is Seattle Pilots. We decided to put Seattle Pilots in the NL Central because Milwaukee Brewers used to bethe Seattle Pilots before. Montreal used to be in NL Central but because it would make uneven team I put the Expos in the AL East to rival with the Toronto Blue Jays.How the expansion Team draft will work, each team can protect... Read more »
  • Tampa Bay Rays 2013
    Preface: I've been a Rays fan ever since the team's inception in 1998, which also happened to be the year when I first started playing baseball as a kid. Even though my family moved back to Toronto two years later and the Rays continued to suck, I still rooted for the Rays (more than the Blue Jays too, I blame the old Rays uniforms for this, just because they were so "colourful"). Ever since the Rays breakthrough year in 2008,I've been hoping that they would win the Championship one day. Of course they haven't yet, but the Rays continue to... Read more »
  • The Pennsylvania Professional Baseball Association (PPBA)
    I would like to begin by expressing a great "THANK YOU" to Markus, Andreas & company at Out of the Park Developments for continuing to produce a game that has captivated me for over a decade now! I would like to also extend those sentiments to Questdog, Hankyu Braves, Koprnkc, Orcin and the many other authors of dynasty threads I have read over the years. Finally, to the many mod makers including knuckler, silvam14, cephasjames, gern44, and bobble (just to name a few) I extend the same thanks for all that you have done for me and the rest of... Read more »
  • Heartland Baseball League: 1984 North Preview
    HBL NorthOF Joe "Action" JacksonSouth Bend Silver Sox Predicted finish: 91-53(+23)The Silver Sox will steal some games this season and may very well steal the North form powerhouse Oshkosh. At just 22 years old OF Joe Jackson is arguably the most exciting player in the HBL. The Silver Sox 1983 outfield of Jackson, Mike Randall, and Steve Evans returns after stealing 210 bases combined including an HBL single season record 97 by Jackson alone. But Jackson is not a one trick pony having also lead the entire HBL with 116 RBI while slamming 25 homers. In fact, his stolen base... Read more »
  • We're Just Getting Started | Indiana Pacers Basketball
    Settings Season Length: 82 Games Quarter Length: 12 Minutes Playoffs: 7-7-7-7 Team Chemistry: On Player Roles: On Trade Deadline: On Allow CPU Trades: Yes Injuries: On Rosters: Current Sliders: Redlogic's | Superstar Difficulty Draft Class: 2013 Draft Class Team Goals Finish the season with no unhappy players Finish the season with a record over .600% Finish the season 1st in the Eastern Conference Advance to at least the Conference Finals in the Playoffs Get Paul George to the All-Star game Be given one end-of-season award 2012-2013 Roster Indiana Pacers Depth Chart... Read more »
  • The Buccaneer Way: A Madden 13 Dynasty with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    Game: Madden 13 (PS3)Quarter Length: 11 minutes (1st 2 games were 7 minutes)Rosters: Most recent ones from EACoach Firing: Off (I am acting as Owner, so I will decide when/if the coach gets fired)Pre-Existing Injuries: OffTrade Deadline: OffBucs hire Greg Schiano as coachUpdated: January 27, 2012, 2:56 AM ETBy Adam Schefter | ESPNThe Tampa Bay Buccaneers have finalized a five-year deal to hire Rutgers coach Greg Schiano as their new head coach.The 45-year-old former Scarlet Knights coach was hired Thursday, more than three weeks after the Bucs fired Raheem Morris following a 4-12 record."We are thrilled to introduce Coach Schiano... Read more »
  • The NBA, According to DDS Pro Basketball 3 [Retired]
    Follow John Comey of GM Games, DDSPB3 dynasty blog here: Forums | General Manager Games | Sports Simulation - DDS Pro Basketball 3 Season - Blogs... Read more »
  • The Detroit of California: An Oakland Raiders Dynasty (HC09)
    I'd figure I'd bring this over from another site to try and kick start the forums here. It's nothing special, but since it is not a lot of work for me, I can still enjoy playing it and posting it.Kiffin Canned, Aldridge Named As CoachFollowing a 4-12 season, and their 5 losing season in a row, Al Davis has fired the Raiders head coach, Lane Kiffin. Davis and Kiffin were not getting along; who can remember Kiffin's statement by making Janikowski try a 70 yard FG? Or Davis saying that Russel was a great QB? Al Davis hired for Pittsburgh... Read more »