Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 2018

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DDS Football

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I’ve followed this product since its PFS days. While this game has always had a ton of potential, and does a lot of things I like, it has always been dogged by annoyances that have never been fixed. Late game logic just kills this thing for me. I’ve seen a trailing team let 20-30 seconds run off the clock after a short gain. This kind of thing spoils the simulation for me…Also, I’ve never been a fan of the clunky looking animation you watch when viewing game film. The player icons are so big, you just can’t really get an idea of what is going on or how a play develops. Personally, I’d rather see the formations the teams line up in to begin the play and then have a nice text description of the play. I’ve been so close to pulling the trigger on this game several times, but since I’ve never seen progress in the areas that bother me, I’m starting to think they’ll never be addressed.