Great Game, Toxic Community

User Rating: 7

The game itself, minus the community would earn a 10/10. For a free, browser-based baseball manager sim, this game hits all the points perfectly. Winning gives you a sense of fulfillment and success while losing can actually make you feel real disappointment. The play-by-play is fun to watch and keep track of like you’re at an actual game, or you can just set your lineup and pitching options and let your 3 games for the day playthrough, then check them the next day. It’s an all around amazing game. The only hiccup, and unfortunately it’s a big one, is the community. I’ve been around for about 10 seasons now, and I think just about every friend I’ve made on their has slandered and/or screwed me over in some way. Whether it comes to bidding, trades or just general friendship outside of game. The game assistants include a few younger owners whom do more trash-talking and shady stuff than most of the other. This of course doesn’t go for everyone, just the majority in my experience.

If you are good at ignoring people or tend to keep to yourself though, you’re gonna get highly addicted to this amazingly put-together game!