Draft Day Sports: College Football 2018

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Too many holes

User Rating: 2

Anyone who comes to this game wants to love it. We all miss the days when EA gave us NCAA football games. Most of us just want to recruit and build a dynasty from the ground up. Well, to some extent you can do that with this game. However, eventually you begin to see the glaring flaws. The fact that penalties seem to strike your team in a “cheesy” type of way. If you delve into the play calling aspect of the game you find that it is severely lacking. You have no clue what the other team may be lined up with no idea their personnel. On offense you have no idea the routes or what they look like no clue what side your number 1 receiver may be to run away from his double team. Eventually you will realize like i did this is a half ass attempt at everything players want. So in a way it’s kind of like EA is making it.