Pro Strategy Football 2022

Pro Strategy Football 2022

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Pro Strategy Football 2022
Pro Strategy Football 2022
  • Even better AI! The already stellar AI improved even more!
  • Play any mode with leagues of 43 or 53 men, supporting legacy and modern leagues!
  • Coach with any major formations from the 40s to modern day! Customize leagues and individual teams, giving each its own style!
  • Play exhibition games between different leagues!
  • Pregame screen displays a preview of the matchup, including the won/lost streaks and historical series between the teams!
  • Full control over your depth charts! Modify your depth charts at any time and have multiple packages. View and swap out ANY player on the play calling diagram, even swap to a complete package of players!
  • Use your custom names files for player names and colleges!
  • View Player cards from any screen or play calling diagram, displaying the player’s key information, ratings, and stats, including your opponent’s
  • Greatly improved Graphics modes options, including 16:9, 21:9, and fullscreen!
  • Even more coaching options – send RBs in motion, throw screens to WRs and TEs! Run more plays with your QB!
  • Play an exhibition game with a Championship setting!
  • Expanded Scouting screen now displays the Coach panel with supported formations, new tabs for depth charts and packages!
  • Can now simulate a quarter at a time!
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