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i enjoy sports simulators because of the number crunching and complexity. So I will not focus at all here on graphics and UI/UX. my dissappointment is related to the game engine. I downloaded the trial version last week very much hoping to ...[Read More]

Not a good game in my opinion.  I’m the manager of the Bulls.  Even though I have 30M+ available cap space it will not let me sign any players because it says I have -24M available in fiances.  And I have no coaches but also cannot si...[Read More]

This is a great game.  It has been around for a long time so the developers have had enough simulations to work out a lot of the bugs.  While not a perfect representation of baseball (there are no passed balls, and too many double plays) it...[Read More]

I have and do play many online sport sims. Broken Bat is the one I haven’t lost interest in. A free game means the playing field is level for all users. Game sims are realistic and community support is fantastic.

There is a new custom league ready to begin it’s first season. It’s free to play.

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