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The famous Twitch channel stories from Cards as he progresses through the lower levels, taking his teams through recruiting, coaching and the ultimate goal of the championship. Using Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2021. From Cards
Watch TheRealGWood as he takes you through his franchise stories using the Basketball GM simulator from dumbmatter aka BBGM. From TheRealGWood
"CoachFury takes his basketball gaming and tries to win used the latest version of basketball simulation" From CoachFury

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  • (Ultimate GM) I look forward to a challenge but not an unrealistic one
    As always I have a run at normal difficulty to learn the game and then move to the most difficult version. While everything was great at the normal settings, when I moved to hard mode everything was messed up. I grinded through hard financial situations and unrealistic transfer demands (when a team says no to a higher rated player with more potential plus a high pick for a player) and gathered a team of above 80 players with a 70+ bench, ranked fourth in the league only to come up 15th in my division... And for the cherry on top... Read more »
  • [Video] DDS:PB21 Let's Play: Houston Rockets Rebuild
    Episode 1: GM Intro & Roster Review LINK TO VIDEO... Read more »
    SAME FEDORA-NEW CROWN? [This dynasty report carries on Coach Frederick Aura’s coaching career using DDSCB2021 (rather than using DDSCB2020 as was the case with the original dynasty report “Fedora”). Coach Aura’s attributes, skill levels, and philosophies remain as they were when the previous dynasty report concluded as does his personal life at his present age of 48. As a coach he’s a disciplinarian, believes in high academics, doesn’t bend the rules, and has a bit of a temper. He prefers a deep bench, has no problem with using young players, crashes the boards, likes employing a pressure defense on both... Read more »