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Content Facilitator & Founder

It has been my mission statement to find those with the same passion for this genre. To share their incredible intelligent accomplishments. To those making these algorithms for the pleasure of our amusement. I want to help every indie development. Let’s bring the immersion and realism of these games to the next level.



Senior Vlogger

Cards1125 is a lifelong fan of his alma mater, the University of Louisville. He has played a wide variety of sports simulations over the years including basketball, football, baseball, hockey, auto racing, horse racing, and wrestling. A proud husband and father of three wonderful boys.


Aaron Shelan

Senior Vlogger

Aaron Shelan and Around the World Sports, interviews people from all over the world of sports. Players, coaches, sportswriters, and play by play announcers. If you’ve got any suggestions, Aaron would love to hear them. Thanks for listening!


John Comey

Senior Contributor

John Comey has been in the sim gaming community for nearly twenty years, and has justified his bachelors in journalism by writing close to 5,000 pages worth of content for his online leagues over the years. He has collaborated and contributed to products with Wolverine Studios, Grey Dog Software, and Out of the Park Developments.



Senior Contributor

Amazedbygrace86 enjoys sports, videogames and the mixture of the two. His first love is basketball, but he also enjoys football, tennis, soccer and even some F-1 Racing. He’s a long-time fan of the Ohio State Buckeyes, Dayton Flyers and Cincinnati Bengals. He’s blessed to be the husband of a wonderful wife and father to four amazing sons.


Grant Piper

Senior Contributor

Grant has been an avid sports fan and video gamer since he was a young child. When he discovered the ultimate union of these two passions came in the form of sport management games he was hooked and has been a huge fan ever since. He began playing Eastside Hockey Manager in college and never looked back. He continues to root for his teams both the real-life version and the digital version. When he’s not writing or gaming he is taking care of the plants and animals on his property. Grant lives in central Florida with his wife, his dogs, horses, chickens, and donkeys.


Nick Tylwalk

Senior Contributor

Though Nick’s work life has taken him a little further away from writing about sports games than he’d like, he still spends as much time as possible with the latest sports sims. Mostly that means the Football Manager and OOTP series, though he’s down to try almost any sports title that gets released for PC or consoles. Nick lives just a few minutes from Chocolatetown, a.k.a. Hershey, PA, with his wife, two kids and a tank full of hermit crabs.



Senior Vlogger

I’m known as TheRealGWood. Resident Bostonian and Patriots fan. Yes Brady is the goat. No we did not cheat. Long-time BBGM (Basketball GM) multi-player commish of the ABA and DBL and founder of the BCC. Local chill person and self described old man in his early 20’s.


Andrew Ray

Senior Contributor

I’ve always been literally a sports entertainment fan, having been a sports and pro-wrestling fan ever since I can remember. My other passions include gaming and writing. If you combine those last two, you will know exactly why I love to review video games as much as I do playing them.



Senior Vlogger

Hey fans Coach Fury here welcome to my page! Join me as I review some of the very best sports management games out there and test my ability against human players in a range of online leagues. Can I win it all and take home the Championship or will I end up failing miserably falling into the pit of abyss.


Adam De Maria

Senior Contributor

Based in Melbourne, Australia, I’m a recent Media and Communications graduate with a life long love of sports and a passion for the games that imitate them. From arcade style games to typical sports simulations and even text based manager games, you’ll find me playing and writing on each of the genre’s varieties. My personal site is dedicated to providing news and reviews on sports gaming.



Senior Contributor

A lifelong sports fan who has spent a large portion of his life writing about people bouncing, throwing, hitting and catching various sportsballs. I am a strategy sports gamer back to the ancient times of Statis Pro games (baseball, football, basketball) and have always had a fascination with sports history, statistics and the art of the transaction. Have bounced around various locations in the U.S. and have lived in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula for the last 20 years. Will at some point create my simulation opus — a multi-sport series of simulations set on an entirely fictional world.



Senior Vlogger

I am just a casual gamer playing games that I enjoy and sharing the journey with you. I finally learned about rendering and the music/end screens with YouTube. The games I cover will fluctuate as my interest in them comes and goes. I certainly thank you for dropping by my channel and watching any and all of my video series. I look forward to any feedback or comments that you leave, that makes the channel alive and interesting. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your gaming day. Please consider a sub if you like what I’m doing and to stay up to date on my releases.

Retired Contributors


Brandon Warne

(Retired) Senior Baseball Contributor

Brandon Warne lives in Plymouth, Minnesota with his wife Amanda and their two cats Buster and Oscar. Brandon is a 2010 graduate of the journalism program at Northwestern (Minn.) College. In addition to GM Games, Brandon writes for FanGraphs, the Minneapolis Star Tribune, TwinkieTown, and a handful of other media outlets.


Matt S

(Retired) Senior Contributor

Matt has been a huge sports fan his entire life and gradually moved from actively playing sports to managing them in sports sims instead. It all started with Madden and High Heat Baseball on the PC back in the old days and morphed into Eastside Hockey Manager, Front Office Football, Draft Day Sports Basketball, and Out of the Park Baseball in more modern times. When not playing sports management games, he spends time with his 4 children and dog, watches movies, and works on yet another college degree.


Andrew Schade

(Retired) Senior Contributor

A computer science student and varsity track and field athlete, Andrew has found a something that blends his passions for sports, video games, and programming, in Sports management games. He spends a lot of his time studying and going to practice, but also enjoys music, and the company of his pets.



(Retired) Senior Contributor

A massive sports fan and stats nerd from the UK. I grew up playing games such as Football Manager and would spend hours looking at stats and improving my team. When I would play FIFA and Madden I would always prefer the management side of things rather than actually playing the game. Now I work in IT and write about my obsession with “spreadsheet” based games. Huge fan of the Philadelphia Eagles, Philadelphia 76ers and Luton Town FC.



(Retired) Hockey Contributor

rainsilent has played many sports management games over 20 years. His preferred sport is hockey though his love of the goalie position keeps him interested in any sport with a goalie. He has coached soccer in the past, for example. He has played Game Plan Hockey Manager since it was in beta in 2015.



(Retired) Senior Hockey Contributor

archibalduk is founder and webmaster of The Blue Line, an Eastside Hockey Manager community and resource which he has been running since 2004. He has been a tester for the Eastside Hockey Manager and Franchise Hockey Manager series of games for a number of years now.


Jay Blue

(Retired) Senior Vlogger

Part time blogger, full-time musician. Founder/Writer/Podcaster for Blue Jays from Away. Author of The Toronto Blue Jays Minor League Handbook.