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Sport manager updates from the world of artificial intelligence (AI) sim gaming

Football Manager Becomes the Official Video Game of the Premier League

Exciting news for football management enthusiasts! Football Manager, the leading football management simulation for over two decades, has officially become the Premier League’s official football management video game. Here’s everything you need to know about this groundbreaking partnership. What Does the Official Partnership Mean for Football Manager? Football Manager (FM) will no...[Read More]

Tennis Manager 2024: A Deep Dive into the Latest Features and Updates

Curious about what Tennis Manager 2024 has to offer? This in-depth review covers all the new features and updates that make this game a must-play for tennis management enthusiasts. From starting your career to creating and managing players and academies, here’s everything you need to know about Tennis Manager 2024. What’s New in Career Mode for Tennis Manager 2024? Tennis Manager 2024 i...[Read More]

WE ARE FOOTBALL 2024: HandyGames Newest Entry in Football Management Games

WE ARE FOOTBALL 2024 has been released, adding to the selection of football management games available. This title, developed by Winning Streak Games and published by HandyGames, offers various features for managing football clubs. Here’s what players should know about WE ARE FOOTBALL 2024. What Does WE ARE FOOTBALL 2024 Offer? WE ARE FOOTBALL 2024 provides a football management experience th...[Read More]

Discover What’s New in Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2024!

Are you eager to immerse yourself in the world of college basketball simulation? Look no further than Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2024! This latest release from Wolverine Studios introduces a range of innovative features designed to enhance your simulation A.I. experience. Let’s explore the details and uncover what makes Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2024 the ultimate si...[Read More]

Overview of Ultimate Hockey GM: A Hockey Management Simulation

Are you interested in exploring the features of Ultimate Hockey GM, a recently launched hockey management simulation game? Let’s take a closer look at what this game has to offer. What is Ultimate Hockey GM? Ultimate Hockey GM is a newly released hockey management simulation game. It allows players to take control of their own hockey franchise and make strategic decisions to lead their ...[Read More]

Baseball Legends Unite, OOTP 25’s Hall of Fame Hookup & Player Power Lab

Get ready to knock it out of the park with Out of the Park Baseball 25! This latest installment in the beloved baseball simulation series is about to take you on a thrilling ride through the sport’s greatest moments and the future of player development. Developed by the wizards at Out of the Park Developments, OOTP 25 promises an immersive and pulse-pounding experience for fans of Ameri...[Read More]

‘Draft Day Sports: College Football 2023’ The need to know on FirstAccess!

Wolverine Studios’ first release of the 2023 line is just around the corner. It’s college season in the DDS franchise and Draft Day Sports College Football 2023 has finally arrived in First Access. College football is all about the rivalries. DDSCF23 will see if you have what it takes to beat your rivals into submission year after year? Wolverine Studios has you ready to recruit, ...[Read More]

‘Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2022’ dishes out First Access!

Draft Day Sports Pro Basketball 2022 is the next version of the basketball franchise that keeps evolving every season. Wolverine Studios listened to their community. They heard the ask of making more parts of the game immersive. Some thought the free agency process seemed to be missing a little something. So Wolverine Studios stepped up to deliver new features and besides and some great new c...[Read More]

The Puck Drops on Franchise Hockey Manager 8

The Franchise Hockey Manager series returns for the 2021-22 season with plenty of new additions. OOTP Developments and Com2uS has packed many new features and improvements into it. Driven by community feedback. FHM 8 is their strongest entry yet in the longstanding NHL®-licensed PC hockey strategy series. [This press release is made courtesy of OOTP Developments] Choose one of dozens of leagu...[Read More]

An injection of cash and new enthusiasm for CSFBL

It was brought to our attention that a long standing baseball manager game, Computer Simulated Fantasy Baseball League (playable online) has an exciting new roadmap. The investment announcement can be found here: This has been made possible by a community member with a passion for the project (Jason Havey). His injection of capital will allow lead developer Brian DeMarzo to carve out more tim...[Read More]