Best list of top upcoming sport manager games preparing for release


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Franchise Dynasty

From the maker of the highly successful Campus Dynasty College Basketball Game. Coming for iOS and Android. Create a mobile version of yourself and choose your offensive and defensive schemes. Manage your lineups and player usage rates to form a competitive team. Analyze statistics to adjust your strategy and give y...[Read More]


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CT Football Manager (CTFM)

A sports simulation game where you take the role of the manager/Head Coach of a College Football team. You will be able to handle depth charts, recruiting of players, setting tactics, schedule etc. Game Status At the moment we have created a lot of the infrastructure for the game, and also done many of the screen...[Read More]


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Indoor Football Manager (IFM)

Indoor Football Manager is a managerial football game using the 50-yard arena/indoor football rules. This is not based on the old school ironman style arena league; players only play one-way, which is the newer indoor football model. In Indoor Football Manager you will manage all aspects of your team including signing,...[Read More]


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Cricket Coach 3

"For those asking - #CC3 will be available on Steam - initially as an 'Early Access' game. About two months before this I'll create the product page for the game. That won't be any time soon, but when it is live I'll be spreading the word. Games on Steam seem to live or die based on customer reviews - so it'll be cr...[Read More]


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MMA Manager

In MMA Manager you take on the role of building a gym full of fighters. Train them in disciplines that you see fit and watch them punch, kick and wrestle their way to the top! Facing a difficult opponent? Change your tactics to counter his style! Are you missing cash to buy that shiny bench press? Increase your gym’s p...[Read More]


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Out of the Park Baseball (OOTP Go!)

"Markus Heinsohn" OOTP Go was a complete rewrite and has nothing to do with MLB Manager, which was our previous mobile game franchise and last launched in 2018. OOTP Go shares the code base of OOTP 22, while MLB Manager was still based on the OOTP 11(!) code base, so you cannot compare the two. Sharing the code base of...[Read More]


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American Football Manager

Training Earn XP through training to skill up players and create a team to dominate your league, make sure you sign them to long contracts though or someone else will benefit! Upgrade Facilities Spend β€œDynasty Dollars” to improve facilities such as Stadium, Medical Centre & Training Facilities that will bring ...[Read More]