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Geeked-Out Basketball

Geeked-Out Basketball is a deeply immersive mobile strategy game designed to test your mettle as a basketball coach. If you understand hoops, you'll be able to pick up this game and instantly compete. But if you plan to master it, you'll need to use your basketball IQ to think critically and make smart coaching decisi...[Read More]


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Franchise Dynasty

From the maker of the highly successful Campus Dynasty College Basketball Game. Coming for iOS and Android. Create a mobile version of yourself and choose your offensive and defensive schemes. Manage your lineups and player usage rates to form a competitive team. Analyze statistics to adjust your strategy and give y...[Read More]


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Head Coach Football

Head Coach Football is a strategy game, made just for football fans. Build your college or pro roster to become a powerhouse, while you also build your reputation as one of the best coaches in the game. Trick the opposing coach by designing your own plays and calling them on the field. The action is always intense, as ...[Read More]


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GoalLine Stand Football

Open Source Project for an American Football Management Simulation type game(like Football Manager, OOTP Baseball, Franchise Hockey Manager, etc). Coded in VB.Net/C# Specifically, this game utilizes some pretty cool hybrid technology, leveraging DotNetBrowser and the Chromium Embedded Framework to render the UI in H...[Read More]


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American Football Manager

Training Earn XP through training to skill up players and create a team to dominate your league, make sure you sign them to long contracts though or someone else will benefit! Upgrade Facilities Spend β€œDynasty Dollars” to improve facilities such as Stadium, Medical Centre & Training Facilities that will bring ...[Read More]