American Football Manager

American Football Manager

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American Football Manager
American Football Manager

Training Earn XP through training to skill up players and create a team to dominate your league, make sure you sign them to long contracts though or someone else will benefit!

Upgrade Facilities Spend “Dynasty Dollars” to improve facilities such as Stadium, Medical Centre & Training Facilities that will bring in additional XP

Coaches Spend “Dynasty Dollars” on hiring coaches, and spend XP on training them to be the best. Or poach another teams coach by paying him more and they lose the coach they have trained!

Stadium Upgrades Gate receipts are your biggest “Dynasty Dollar” earner. Increase your capacity to earn more, but you better keep winning or they’ll just be empty seats!

Scheme / Formations Are you a 3-4, 4-3 or Nickel Defense? I-Formation, Shotgun or Spread Offense? Make sure you have the players that fit your scheme!

Online League Create a private or public league and dominate the community! Can your team become a Dynasty?

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