What is General Manager (GM) Games?

Since 2011, GM Games is a media organization focused on sports management games. Our members are a community that perform the role of a ‘Sports General Manager’ aka GM. We cover video games for team sports that require a successful GM to shape the direction towards a championship franchise. GM video games are available and evolving on multiple operating systems and devices. We are inclusive of all developments and companies designing games that simulate this reality experience through technology solutions. GM Games is your source for sports simulation games.

What’s the general appeal of sims and what makes them unique?

Sports and sims are more about stats and strategy than they are about winning with buttons and reflexes. Sims tap into the curiosity of how teams are constructed and coached. Fans are able to start careers and manage teams or programs by setting lineups and recruiting or trading players for an infinite amount of years. You can then watch each game like an ESPN Gamecast, 2D, 3D or advance to a later date.

This is not to say you need a high Sports IQ to play these games. The games vary in complexity and are inclusive to all ages, genders and sports from around the globe. You can play against either AI managers or real people.

How has the genre progressed? Like, any big leaps?

Accessibility has greatly improved. The algorithms used to need a large computer processor with big hard drives to churn out results. Today’s technology has now put a powerful computer in your phone so you can take the games with you, to the couch or on the train.

Games like these feel more real than ever for fans who want more than a fictional universe. A company such as OOTP Developments purchased the licensing to have the real MLB teams, players and the championship trophy in their games. We are seeing this niche gaming area make friends with league offices.

The ultimate beauty today is experiencing how far artificial intelligence has come. It fascinates my mind to think about why the sim “engine” went in the direction it did with each variable. The same two teams played on a different day with real-life variables will bring a unique and believable outcome. These creators are utilizing the highest level of programming science for our amusement.

What are some of the most unique/innovative features of today’s games?

I am more impressed everyday to see how much is factored in and what else they have come up with. Players have personality archetypes, numerous skill ratings and development curves. Companies who have been doing this for quite some time are pushing their live match graphics with each annual release. You can now watch an entire 3D representation of the players in competition. It is not far to say that factors of consideration in the real game are likely in these games. They hear all about it from their gaming communities!

Why was GM Games created?

For many years now – there have been talented developers putting in hard work on algorithms and settings that best simulate being a Sports General Manager. Almost every sport has had someone with the desire and vision to put a great sports IQ game on the map, but now with the popularity of tablet and handheld devices, the technology formats are making it easier to play.

Even though there has always been a loyal community of sim sports fans, it often took a lot of work or word of mouth to find out about a great new GM simulation game. Pockets of users would end up on the game sites of the creators, or would find a review on Operation Sports or IGN. Unfortunately Operation Sports and IGN are console centric and the simulation game news was buried, not up to date or and almost impossible to find. What was lacking has been an inventory for the cutting edge GM Games, available in an easy one-stop location to get the information desired. GM Games is now here to fill the need.

Why is GMGames.org unique compared to other simulation sports websites?

GM Games has a target audience of both the developers and the end-user. We provide developers the ability to interact with a loyal and knowledgeable sports sim fan base. They can share their game information and learn about the desires of their end-user community. They can also review innovative ideas from other sports and games that may be applicable to their own games.

For developers, GM Games is not focused on one sport in particular. In fact, most members are Sports fans in general. Many users cross-pollinate to play other simulation games and the best games seem to stick around on someone’s computer, with multiple hours of usage. For users of GMgames.org, we provide a community to join leagues, discuss with other GM’s who have the same interest in the games you do.

We also have some of the most knowledgeable simulation users. Questions that a developer could ask themselves – is offline installation the way to go or is building a cloud configuration the future? Is there a market for handheld GM Games? If you want to know about what is happening next in different sports for many simulation games, We are the source for that information.

What can you do to contribute?

The best you can do for us, is tell us if we are missing a great simulation game. Sharing information about the community is what we want. Please join us on the forums to share your findings and inspire a new generation of Simulation Sports users.