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Follow Aaron Shelan as he plays through his franchise story rebuild, using the New York Jets with Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 2022 (DDSPF22). From Aaron S
Follow the Cards as he plays through his franchise story rebuild on Twitch, using the Cincinnati Bengals with Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 2021 (DDSPF21). From Cards1125
Follow the TheRealGWood as he plays through his franchise story using fictional teams in his Pro Football Franchise Stories with FBGM. From TheRealGWood

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  • DDSPF22 🏈 | New York Jets Rebuild 🛫 on DDSPF 22 or Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 2022
    DDSPF22 "Episode 1" New York Jets Rebuild 🛫 | Aaron Shelan's Franchise Stories 🏈... Read more »
  • A "Realistic" Franchise Mode
    Hello everyone, I am Ben Vinew and I have tossed my hat in the ring of as a Youtube content maker. I am an old dog learning new tricks, but somehow I've managed to get my decade old PC to play the game, record it, and upload it to Youtube. What am I doing? I am running a Franchise Mode based off of Madden 20. Yes, I know that horrid game (hence why I am here trying to find my oldschool gems from back in the day) that is notorious for bad game play. Thing is, when you don't actually... Read more »
  • [XEG Football] - Welcome to the Table Top Football League (TTFL)
    Utilizing the very creative team creation tool located within XEG Football (which uses season stats to populate positional attributes), I converted a 10 team league I created with the Flash Football table top game into the TTFL utilizing the XEG Football engine for game play. The game is free and located at Though XEG Football does not have the capability for season play yet, the game does have a very nice feature where you input the prior season stats for the teams and the game automatically ages the players, improving some or declining others based on their stats and... Read more »