A lifelong sports fan who has spent a large portion of his life writing about people bouncing, throwing, hitting and catching various sportsballs. I am a strategy sports gamer back to the ancient times of Statis Pro games (baseball, football, basketball) and have always had a fascination with sports history, statistics and the art of the transaction. Have bounced around various locations in the U.S. and have lived in Michigan's Upper Peninsula for the last 20 years. Will at some point create my simulation opus -- a multi-sport series of simulations set on an entirely fictional world.



Review of Draft Day Sports College Basketball 2020: A deep dive into a college basketball universe all your own

I went into reviewing Wolverine Studios’ latest release, Draft Day Sports College Basketball 2020, with at least some idea what I would find there. I had played previous WS releases more than a decade ago before real life intervened and my time for such pastimes waned. Full disclosure: I’ve been playing the sports management simulation genre for a very long time, as in back in the time...[Read More]