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College BBALL Coach
College BBALL Coach

* Manage your team roster order and gameplan to determine the most effective player matchups for every game. * Games are simulated based on easy-to-understand player matchups, ratings and abilities. * Simulate or play any of the 20+ practice drills to improve your players and give them a boost for their next game. * Practice drills are quick 30-60 second mini-games where you can challenge yourself with agility courses, three point shootouts, progressive shooting drills, running suicides (because everyone loves suicides!!), passing drills and other challenges. * Progress through a 32-game regular season that culminates in your conference tournament or even the national championship tournament!! * A full recruiting simulation after every season! Find the next breakout star to add to your roster and challenge other schools in exciting recruiting battles. * View a full range of stats and historical records for every player and team. * Track your career progress, contract status and coaching achievements to ensure you are hall-of-fame material. Oh, and by the way, if you aren’t able to find success, you could very well find yourself out of a job, too! * Thumb through a 15-page digital college basketball preview magazine at the beginning of every season!

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