Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2018


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Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2018
Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2018

DDS: College Basketball 2018 is bringing you the biggest and best version ever to let you fulfill your dreams of taking your favorite school to the top. So get ready to hop on the recruiting trail, coach – here’s a look at ten of the newest additions to the number one college basketball franchise on the market.

  • 1) 2017 League Conversions
  • 2) Coach Rating Tracking and Improved Increases
  • 3) Rating Progression Tracking for Players
  • 4) Coach Lineage Information
  • 5) Improvements to AI in Recruiting and Tutoring
  • 6) UI Improvements and New Information
  • 7) Improvements to Walk-On and Recruit Generation
  • 8) New Asst. Coach Poaching and Job Offer Improvements
  • 9) Improvements in Relationship Feature
  • 10) New End Game Improvements
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