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Potential, but still not delivering

I bought and attempted to play the original FHM, and decided not to take a stab on FHM2 because of my initial disappointment.  Based on what I was seeing from the pregame information, I decided to give FHM 3 a shot.  To put it in the TL;DR version, its simply not there yet.  With another option out there with a lower price point and accurate season opening rosters getting ready to be released, FHM...[Read More]



Dissapointed with FHM 3

I have been playing sports simulations since the late 80s and basically buy all the newest versions of all the top sports sims out there year by year. I was excited when OOTPB announced they would be making FHM innitially, however i quickly dumped the first game. When #2 came out i simply ignored it, but decided to spend my hard earned $ on the 3rd edition. Personally i think this was a huge mista...[Read More]