SimonT Hockey Simulator (STHS)

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SimonT Hockey Simulator (STHS)
SimonT Hockey Simulator (STHS)

STHS, also known as SimonT Hockey Simulator, is a realistic simulation software that gives the ability to the owner to simulate hockey games or multiple complete seasons of hockey with one or more general manager according to the preferences of the owner of the SimonT Hockey Simulator. The program is designed to meet the needs of several general managers and contains an infinite number of options to integrate a sensational realism in the simulation.

All players of a hockey league are rated according to several attributes (checking, discipline, skating, puck handling, passing, scoring, defense, leadership, etc.) and the goalies are rated according to their different attributes (size, agility, hand speed, reaction time, etc.). After importing the rating in the simulator and distributed players in their team, the general manager can manage their team by taking all decisions of a real general manager and a real coach: who plays in the professional team, who plays in the minors, who is on the top line, who is the # 1 goalie, how many minutes should the top lines played in the game, the lines strategy, etc. In the STHS, a general manager must take the same decisions that a real general manager would take in real life including managing his team finance. The managing of a team is done with a free software call STHS Client.

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