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Now Sharing Bowl Bound College Football 2016 Real Team Names File

Grey Dog Software has been active in recent weeks bringing attention back to the Bowl Bound College Football franchise. Version 1.62 has been released for the game. Although much of their focus has been on their successful MMA series, Arlie Rahn their lead developer knows of the loyal fan base that exists for BBCF. Grey Dog Software continues to get the word out on their products by pursuing avail...[Read More]

WWCF Makes Major Changes

The WWCF will be making a few conference changes starting in 2005! Along with the conference changes also comes a new logo and website to complete the facelift. The ultimate goal was to get a conference championship game for all BCS conferences and most mid-majors. The first change is eliminating the Independents. Notre Dame will join the Big Ten and take it to twelve teams allowing for a champion...[Read More]