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A baseball fan’s delight

User Rating: 9.3

Take a good look at this game if you really enjoy baseball! It is very easy and fun to play, both in the way the play of it is set up and the visual treat actually seeing a full screen stadium that your players are shown playing in. The names of the players can be color matched to your teams’ logos thus having unique colors for each of your teams when displayed on your screen. You can go out into the internet and retrieve new ‘logos’ along with stadiums, thus giving you visual variety for every home game that is played. I have over 500 logos I can use and over 200 stadiums. I have worked on both of these files using ‘paint’ to give me more variety for the teams I am setting up and playing. I have changed outfield walls, outside backgrounds of plants, buildings and sky, flipped the stadiums horizontally to change that perspective and adjusted the bleachers for the fans. That part of this game is also very enjoyable, easy, fun and interesting to be involved in to make your baseball games more visually attractive. I have set up 13 fantasy 1950 associations using historical players, multiple years for several of them, spread across the associations. My associations have 30 teams in 2 leagues with 3 divisions each of 5 teams. I have changed the game schedule for the 1st one that I have played into June 1950 so that all my teams play each other during the season – 18 games against 4 teams, 6 games against 10 teams, 2 games against 15 teams. All these things I have done are easily accomplished because of the way the game and its files are set up. When I get done it will be interesting to see how 13 different Babe Ruths from different years of his career have fared in the 13 associations he will be playing in. I also have 13 Roy Hobbs in the 13 associations, but I have made him right handed, I again used 13 different year records of Babe Ruth, changing his name and batting stance for Hobbs. It is just one of the interesting things that can be easily done in this PureSim Baseball game that makes it so very enjoyable to play. I am sure that you will discover many reasons to try it besides the ones I shared. If you truly do love baseball, the simplicity of the game play and the visual treats of the full screen stadium and its setup will delight you completely.