Draft Day Sports: College Football 2017

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Looking for a football sim? Look no further

User Rating: 9

Ok so let me start by saying I’m from England and I grew up playing the championship manager and then football manager series (soccer) since I was 11. I’ve been looking for a good American Football equivalent for years but found nothing but disappointment. Until now.

This game is a really good attempt to produce a counterpart to the aforementioned franchise. In the game you take control of a college programme in which you are tasked with scouting and recruiting, setting player training schedules, red shirting/cutting players, setting your play style, and determining your depth charts for various formations. Then when game day comes you have two options, sim the game or take control of the offensive and defensive play calling while you watch your decisions played out in a 2D engine.

I found this very addictive, in the same way football manager stole my heart and life for so many years. I shouted at my screen when my guys fluffed a play and then jumped from my seat when they nailed a clutch situation for the win.

The one criticism I would have is that the game leaves you to work out what and how you play it, a simple tutorial would add a lot to the game.

The next step I think would be to add a 3D engine, but believe me, once you are playing the 2D circles become players in your mind! The last bit I would add is the ability to edit the team and player details, a necessity for any game that doesn’t hold the necessary licence to use real names.

Highly recommend this game and you can start by downloading the demo for free!