Worst game ever

User Rating: 1.1

The worst game ever. Lags all the time, the Admin does nothing to improve the game but just tamper with your players, kicks you out and ban you for no reason and the game is highly unrealistic due to high sb % especially to 3rd base and it is a hitter dominated game. Good luck trying to find good pitchers since the Admin tampered with the scout ratings dropping the player ratings down 5 points in every category though it was quite the contrary for hitters. He claims this will allow worse hitters in the game in the future and better pitchers in the game as well.  There are narcisstic white supremacists in this game that will hate you for everything you do and they act really cocky and like they know it all. Bidding is raping a team of their players in plain English. Awful game, and I am leaving it forever.

Can’t spell Franchise Ball without 2 L’s! It’s a loser.

Can’t spell Franchise Ball without and F! It’s a failure.

This game is bad and I do not recommend it to anybody looking for games similar to actual baseball.