Computer Simulated Fantasy Baseball League (CSFBL)

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You get what you pay for

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It’s a free game, so you can’t really complain that much–you get what you pay for.

I played for probably 4 or 5 years (real life years) and it became more of a chore/work about half way through, but I was too stubborn to quit.

The faults are numerous, but I guess sort of charming in their own way if you’ve been around for a while.  The actual simulation engine itself is pretty inaccurate (taking extra bases, and baserunning in general are bad, player’s BABIP ability is absurdly high almost making the contact rating a negative rather than a positive, and a high range defensive team is worth its weight in gold) and poor, but most people probably don’t even care or notice.

My thing with games is that once I figure out the mechanic or the loop holes it’s just not fun anymore.  CSFBL has a ton of things like that, and the “correct” behavior (based on that loop hole knowledge) isn’t fun and it’s very one dimensional.

I know they’re doing a lot to try to improve things, but from what I’ve seen none of it moves the needle all that much.  It’s basic stuff that should have been there to begin with–like the option for a 4 man rotation, or chat, or game view.

As far as I know it’s still not mobile friendly, and the overall performance of the site is still sluggish.

I’ve since moved on to playing Pennant Wars, and although it costs $40 per year, it’s a major upgrade.