DDS: College Basketball 2 Released

Oct 3, 2011 – Wolverine Studios has released their version of College Basketball. DDS: College Basketball 2!

Brand New GUI with full window mode and data widgets
No longer is the game bound to a 1024×768 display (although you must use at least that resolution as a minimum) – the game window will fully expand to match your screen resolution. Also included are data widgets and toolbars – the amount that appear depend on the size of the resolution you are using. The higher the screen res the more widgets you see. These widgets allow you to look at a wide array of information at a glance and from most screens so that you can keep up with the game universe while going about your normal tasks. You can even set one or all of them to auto-cycle through the assorted options so that you can track all kinds of items without any extra effort on your part! 
Brand New Assistant Coach mode
For the first time ever you don’t have to be the top dog. You’ll get the opportunity to play in the game world as an assistant coach specializing in one of the three assistant coach jobs (recruiting, scouting, practice) – your decisions will have a direct impact on the success of your team. Along with this feature comes the enhancement of the computer assistants – your assistants will be more important than ever and it will be important for you to hire the best assistants possible as well as the ones that fit best with your philosophies.
Brand New Alternate Universe : Promotion/Relegation
Looking for a new challenge to the game? Try this mode and watch the collegiate universe get turned upside down. All 352 teams are stripped from their conferences and placed into 22 16-team conferences with the 16 highest prestige teams in “Conference A” and so forth. At the end of each regular season the top 12 teams advance to the conference tournament and the postsesaon plays out as it normally does with each conference tournament winner getting an invite to the big dance. However, since the basic system remains the same the at large bids certainly will be weighted towards the best conferences. The top four teams in the regular season standings are promoted to the next best conference in the following season with the four who missed the conference tournament being relegated down a conference. In this mode conference affiliation also plays a major role in determining the budget for each school to spend on coaches and recruits so the advantages to being in (and staying in) “Conference A” are certainly numerous.
The “DII Challenge” / New Teams
The team list has been bumped up to 352 teams – 5 of which are participants in the “DII Challenge”. These teams serve as Independents in the game, playing a full season schedule against each other and the other DI teams with some major differences. Aside from the lowest recruiting budgets in the game, DII teams don’t have to adhere to the game’s minimum grade requirements allowing them to take the players who do not qualify for the DI schools but they are not eligible for postseason play and without that draw will see good players want to transfer out to more prestigious schools later in their careers. The challenge for you is to string together a significant number of successful seasons and bring your school’s prestige above zero to be a fully qualified DI school in the game. Are you up to the challenge?
Brand New “GameView” Coaching mode
We’ve added a brand new way to coach out your games in DDS: College Basketball 2. If you’re not a fan of the 2D display then you can play out your games in this mode which streamlines all the game information into one screen area while replacing the full screen court with a small display for shots taken and a vibrant play by play recap area in addition to the full text play by play.
Brand New Postseason – 68 Team Tournament and 3rd Postseason Tournament
The primary postseason tournament has been redone to mimic the 68 team setup, allowing for four play in games. In addition to that a third, 16-team postseason tournament has been added into the mix allowing even more teams to go to postseason play. 
Progressive Injury Healing
This has always been an area of the game I wanted to improve on from the “realism” factor. Sure the player was out for two months with a broken wrist but in the past that meant that for 60 game days he was at 0% health and then 100% back on day 61. Now players will heal progressively over time giving you the opportunity (and risk) of bringing a player back early. So yes, you can play that player with a torn ACL two weeks before his injury was supposed to be healed…he might be at 90% only and you’re risking re-injury but now the game realizes and accounts for the 11.5 months he has already sat out and had surgery and rehabbed making this much more realistic of a feature.
Many Requested New Minor Features
Your feedback has always been the driving force in the game and some of the most popular items suggested are already in with many more to be added during FirstAccess. The list includes a lockable sub matrix you can reset back to after you have made changes for injuries or other reasons, the ability to play without being fired from your school, revamped and functionally improved recruiting screens, tracking of assistant coach’s jobs over his career, tracking of double doubles and triple doubles by season and career, the ability to delete all emails at once, brand new team and individual stat leader screens and so much more!
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