Release of Basketball Dynasty Manager DM14 Version 2 (Android, iOS)

Release of Basketball Dynasty Manager DM14 Version 2 (Android, iOS)

One of the most exciting games to have been released on a handheld device has been that of Basketball Dynasty Manager 2014 or otherwise known as DM or Dynasty Manager. It appears the owners of this title are still determining where the branding will end. An NBA license was attempted to be acquired without success thus far.

At the moment the game has the same player last names and first name initials. Users in the comments section of iTunes and Facebook page seem to have customized the game to the point where they have changed all the generic labels. Let us get to the details.

Core Feature Set:

– Edit all players names and ratings and fully customize your experience.
– Sign players, make trades, and watch your funds.
– Pickup a star in the draft and change the way your players train and upgrade.
– Upgrade facilities and invest in selling merchandise.
– Sign Head coaches, Assistants to help develop your players, and scouts to find new talent.
– Track players yearly stats, career highs, and much more.
– Win MVP’s, All Stars, Rookie of the year, etc.
– Scout players from 3000 cities world wide.

Version 2.0 brings us:

– New “PERKS” to purchase for players.
– New “TRAITS” that players unlock or earn over time.
– New “View Result” Button, sim to a certain point and skip viewing game results
– New “Save” Button above the current year display.
– Minor changes to player progression.
– Minor changes to Coach progressions.
– New “R” tag for rookies.
– New Computer initiated trades.
– Minor changes to Head coach influences in games.
– Improve some button hit areas.
– Minor changes to rules on selling players.
– Other minor game inclusions and changes.

We look forward to covering this game more and if you know your way around Basketball Dynasty Manager DM 2014, please share with us in the comments section below.

The PDF file of all instructions can be Found Here.

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