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Title Challenge (iOS) looking to live up to its name in mobile football management

A brand new mobile football management game has arrived at the iTunes apple store.ย Title Challengeย is an effort by an indie development studio named Kyan Games.

A first glance it appears they are saying all the right things. The leads at Kyan Games are paying tribute to the simplicity of the original Championship Manager 01/02 and are looking to translate the balance of that simulation game algorithm into the right recipe for mobile gaming fun-factor.

Their acknowledgement of what makes a successful game goes further in respecting the need for a high resolution user interface. A cartoon approach is their attempt at building the immersion.

It will remain to be seen if the game has the footing to uproot the fanatic following of one particular juggernaut (FMH) and the other entries in the mobile sports management territory.

Let’s get a bit more granularย about Title Challenge (iOS)



Laurent at Kyan Games: I love the early Championship Manager games, basically since the release of CM 93 Iโ€™ve owned and played them to death. I still play modded version of those games now using DOSbox.

Paul at Kyan Games: Iโ€™ve never really stopped playing the classic Champ Man 01/02 release and I still pour hours into Sensible World of Soccer. Both of these games have the perfect balance of fun gameplay features and just enough โ€˜real-lifeโ€™ simulation.

Laurent at Kyan Games: We felt these early games were a perfect fit for mobile and the existing games werenโ€™t quite hitting the spot for us. So we decided to pursue our dream of building a โ€œback to basicsโ€ football management game with a focus on fewer features, designed for mobile.


  • Manage your favourite club from England, Spain, Germany, France and Italy
  • Update players and clubs using the free built-in data editor
  • Fast-paced gameplay โ€“ Complete a season in a matter of hours
  • Autosave feature โ€“ Pick up and play right where you left off
  • Drag and drop tactics with intelligent positioning
  • Upgrade your training facilities to develop the stars of the future
  • Upgrade your stadium to increase your club reputation
  • Use your scouting network to identify transfer targets


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