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(Preview) Details of MLB Manager 2015 (iOS, Android)

iOOTP is making a big push to become one of the most popular mobile video games. Traditionally sports management games have been niche yet this power-play in association with the MLB branding will be very interesting to see.

As part of building the awareness of the original game, OOTP Developments has made iOOTP 2014 available for free through the iTunes Apple Store.

Below is a summary of what can be expected of MLB Manager 2015, due in the next few weeks.

The content below is courtesy of OOTP Developments latest update:


Officially Licensed By

Yes, like Out of the Park Baseball 16, MLB Manager 2015 will feature authentic league and team logos for all Major League Baseball teams, including historical ones!

Real 2015 Major League Baseball 40-Man Rosters

Each team will have its actual 40-man projected Opening Day roster, along with an additional 20-25 top prospects, for a total of 60-65 players. As in previous versions of the game, your prospects will remain on a minor league roster until they’re ready to be promoted to the majors.

Android Support

Yes, that’s right: MLB Manager 2015 will be available on iOS and Android for the first time! Look for it in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store when it’s released next month. (The exact date is TBA, but if you’re on social media, be sure to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook for the latest news.)

Shop a Player

As in OOTP, you’ll now be able to shop a player around and field offers from other GMs. When you see an offer you like, you can begin trade negotiations and add more players to both sides.

Simulate to Date X

Now you’ll be able to simulate ahead to a specific date, instead of just a day or a week at a time. And a new Don’t Disturb feature will let you do uninterrupted long-term simulations and watch your league history grow.

Player Shortlist

See a player whose career you want to keep track? Add him to your shortlist so you can quickly see his profile any time. That’s particularly useful when you trade a player and want to see how his career unfolds. (Hopefully with as few regrets as possible.)

Career Stats Leader Boards

Every player with 10 years or more of experience is eligible for inclusion in the new leader boards for career stats. Now you can follow the races for new career home run and strikeout kings, as well as the leaders in many other stats.

Improved In-Game Subs

Many of you asked for this, so we’re happy to say that when you make a substitution during a game, you will now see the current game situation, as well as the selected player so you don’t accidentally remove the wrong player. This will be handy when playing ahead in the game.

Better Trading AI

You’ll receive more offers when you put a player on the trading block, as well as better offers when shopping a player around.


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