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2020 NBA Roster Update for Dynasty Manager 16 (DM16)

It is finally here. We have talked endlessly about getting an NBA roster update on #dynasty-manager chat. And now, amazingly, a major roster update for Basketball Dynasty Manager 16. Don’t ask us if there will be a new version of the game, we have no clue. We do know that InczeTigate is busy working on another sports project (ssshhh… Patrick Mahomes, Touchdown!)

This is a reminder that GM Games is THE official host of Dynasty Manager 16 (logos & NBA roster files) DM16 As per the game owner. Dynasty Manager 16 (NBA basketball) has been created for Android and iOS.  If you don’t know about this basketball simulator, it has been loved and has a loyal following. See the above tabs for DM16 information or game features.

Let’s take a moment to thank this beautiful bastid VierchasLitofcas. 

He is asking that if you love his roster updates, then please send a couple bucks to keep the updates coming. It took many many hours for his update to be put together and tested.  [ https://paypal.me/VierchasLitofcas?locale.x=da_DK ] … You can reach him on our official discord server channel for Dynasty Manager 16.


To import this roster and logos directly to your game, type the following URL website link EXACTLY as it is displayed here (Case sensitive you must the exact URL! It is http with an “s”!)

2020 NBA Roster and Logos Update

  • 2020 VierchasLitofcas ROSTER FILE


Instructional Video:

Older Roster and Logo Files:

  • 2018 Anthony N. ROSTER FILE




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