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College Game Day! Draft Day Sports: College Football 2021 for Windows PC

If you’ve been waiting for a modern football game that gives you immersion, depth and a whole lot of excitement then this is the game for you.

Wolverine Studios announces that Draft Day Sports: College Football 2021 is now available worldwide, as well as on Steam. DDS:CF21 has been completely rebuilt on the Alchemium Unlimited platform to provide one of the most beautiful and realistic experiences you will find today in a college football simulation game.

[This press release is made courtesy of Wolverine Studios]

DDS:CF21 puts you in charge as the head coach of your favorite school. Recruit your next class of superstars, customize your playbook to maximize your strengths and most importantly beat down your hated rival on the virtual gridiron!

Offensive and Defensive Leaders

We’ve made some big changes for this year’s version with new play options, more reports, a slew of new recruiting changes, more immersion that brings players to life and even the ability to link your league directly to a Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 2021 league for seamless integration of your college players moving to your pro league.

DDSCF21 Recruiting Screen

Here’s a look at the new recruiting interface. You’ll see new options to visit players at home, invite them to a game, attend one of their games or give them a tour of your campus in addition to the recruiting and scouting points you can spend on them. The detail you can go into while recruiting is amazing and really brings the recruiting experience to life. But don’t worry – for those of you who don’t want to wade in the depths of recruiting there are options too that allow you to turn over some or all of the details to the AI and let you focus just on playing winning football on Saturdays!


  • DDS:CF21 is totally rebuilt from the ground up on our new “Au” platform giving the user an incredibly beautiful and easy to navigate interface.
  • A redesigned recruiting interface lets you not only take on more actions but see them all organized in an easy to view and understand fashion.
  • Take full control of your school’s destiny on the field. New playbook options give you even more weapons to try and out match your opponent.
  • Customization options have improved even more! Edit just about anything you want with your school and new bowl game logos give you even more to edit. A brand new coach import file option is also available if you want to create a custom coach file!
    A redesigned recruiting interface lets you not only take on more actions but see them all organized in an easy to view and understand fashion.
  • The game engine has received multiple improvements as well. New play design options allow for motion and play action plays, revamped depth options allow for designation of third down backs, a total revamp of the penalty system to allow you control over accepting penalties in 2D play as well as AI improvements for penalties and 4th down logic.
  • Link your league with Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 2021 for a totally immersive game universe. Bring rookies in from DDS:CF and track your college universe without ever having to leave DDS:PF.

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