Computer Simulated Fantasy Baseball League (CSFBL)

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Computer Simulated Fantasy Baseball League (CSFBL)

In CSFBL, you get the opportunity to own your own baseball franchise, and be both the General Manager and on-the-field manager. You'll be responsible for scouting your teams and players, making lineup decisions, and putting together the winning combination as you compete against 23 other human controlled teams in your league. If you're good, you'll make the playoffs... If you're great, you'll make the World Series - and you may just win it all!

After each season, you get the opportunity to see your players mature. Young players may (or may never) reach their potential. Veterans may see their skills decline. You'll have to judge when a player still has it and when he doesn't, and when a kid is ready to make it as an every-day player. Players may choose to retire, but that's OK - you'll be able to re-stock your low minors during the mid-season amateur draft.

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