Out of the Park Baseball (OOTP 20)

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GM Mode Good – Manager Mode Fails

User Rating: 6.9

I have had many seasons of OOTP and it used to be my favorite game. It has gone downhill since Perfect Team became their focus (and I have zero interest in Perfect Team). I recommend the game to anyone interested in only playing as the GM. You can then simulate or watch allowing your manager and coaches do their jobs. If they are failing then replace them preferably with staff you have developed in the minors. There are some bizarre visuals to ignore if you don’t just simulate.

Manager mode is no longer fun to me. Too many visual problems and too many broken things. Players run through walls and make plays on balls hit into the streets. Squeeze plays no longer ever seem to work. Load the bases with no outs and squeeze bunt. The runner on third will cross the plate before the ball is touched and the batter will likely cross first. After the runner is home someone reaches the ball and throws home. You will hear “out” and see your runner is out at home even though he made it there before anyone could touch the ball. Now you swing for hits and I have yet to ever have anyone score in that situation. The other option is never bunt to score and only swing in that situation. Usually either the first one strikes out followed by two infield fly balls and nobody scores. Second most common is the first two ground out with the runner thrown out at home each time and then the third hits a fly ball to the outfield and again nobody scores. Once in a while the first one will hit a grand slam, but, that is rare and it’s already a rare situation having the bases loaded with nobody out. Too many things like that are not fixed and no attempt appears to be made to fix them because it seems all their efforts are on Perfect Team. Too busy with the shiny new thing to keep what made them great attractive. It’s sad. I used to vote for them on Steam Awards. Now, I’ll just play a career as a GM and likely never buy another year of it. Oh… a month into the season and the opening day rosters are still wrong with players still in A+ or AA that have been in the majors the entire year so far and doing great. Obviously bad players are overrated ahead of them in the game and very good rookies are vastly underrated. It used to be a great game and I miss that. Playing GM is good though.