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Horrible simulator. Horrible admins. No community

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The result in the attached screenshot is everything you need to know about this game. Horrendous simulator. Each game has around 50 one-on-one’s with the goalkeepers. A goalkeeper will either play like a concussed Karius or a Lev Yashin on amphetamine. Sometimes a game that ends with 10-10 in shots on target will end 0-9. Often games will go against play.

And bugs from 2001 isn’t fixed, as the screenshot illustrates aswell with tactics being messed up.

Other aspects in this game are broken/flawed aswell. Youths arriving with hardly any skills, like they have never kicked a ball before. A blank piece of paper. And then it is all about TrainingZone. Very boring.

And Crew and admins will silence opinions about the game on their forums, if these opinions are critical of the game development.

I will really really advise against playing this game, as it is very expensive. Club membership doesn’t even cover half of your expenses, as you will have to do a lot of micro transactions to stay competitive on ManagerZone.