Nothing better at this price point

User Rating: 10

I don’t usually give out perfect scores, but for something as in depth, enjoyable, and FREE, you can’t go wrong!  I have been an owner in CSFBL for over 14 years spanning hundreds of seasons.  If you love baseball, love statistics, and love the added element of community; this is the game for you.  There are a lot of great, dedicated people making this FREE game the most fun it can be.  While fantasy baseball is pretty basic, these people are continually working to make it better, and even more enjoyable.

You can manage your rosters to your hearts content; trade with other owners; draft players to fill your needs; trade draft picks; keep up on just about any baseball statistic imaginable; and much more.  There are laid back leagues where not much is expected; or you can join a very busy/competitive league with owners that like to trade; make live draft picks; or post up trash talk or progress reports throughout the season.

Try it out, if you like baseball and statistics, I know you’ll be hooked.