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A new twist on Baseball Mogul, version Diamond hits the market

It’s called Diamond. Why so? Clay Dreslough, the creator of Baseball Mogul has renamed his game this year because of what they believe to be a bigger feature set with 4 major changes that represent the bases on a diamond.

We will share the details here with you. Most of the content is from the Baseball Mogul website. Baseball Mogul has been a long time staple for baseball sim fans and this change will likely please the loyal Baseball Mogul followers. It remains to be seen how much attention this game can garner with other major baseball releases lately.

Here are a list of Baseball Mogul Diamond features below:

  • Build Your Own Expansion Team
  • Updated minor league stats
  • Improved Trade AI (Artificial Intelligence)
  • Trades improve teams at specific positions, not just overall talent
  • Records velocity, break, location and result of every pitch
  • Accurate head-to-head stats for every batter-pitcher matchup
  • Stat-based scouting
  • Includes every season back to 1951
  • Mimics real-life trade and contract data
  • Free agents available after expansion draft, to help complete your major and minor league rosters
  • Updated rosters for every team
  • Complete major league and minor league stats through 2013


More information of its release can be found through the main website at


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  • jim

    You realize you’ve been bamboozled right? What exactly are the 4 major changes referenced above? Is “Complete major league and minor league stats through 2013” one of them? And if you had bothered to check, you would have found that the demo is last year’s version. I always thought this site was a respectable source of info, but I guess not.

    • lol man. Tough crowd. We are just sharing the news of the release. There is no slant here. If you are unhappy with their product, the user rating and user reviews section is the right place. Do hope you reconsider your opinion. -Chris

      • fcabanski

        You’re sharing marketing info. If you want to share news, do some research. Regurgitating marketing copy is not sharing news.

        • I’m not understanding the sensitive behaviour behind these replies. This information is of the release where many people may not be aware it is available. The information is a Press Release, similar to any wire that reveals the news of its availability. News in this case is not for us to sink their product or provide it’s praise. We have an author review process and a user rating or user review structure to address that portion. We will continue to share information of everyone’s major releases, without every content piece with us acting like the snobs of sports simulation. To me these replies have a negative tone and I’m sorry Baseball Mogul has pissed you off.

          • Justin

            They are upset because the developer promised these 4 major changes that customers had been requesting for years to be included in this release. When it was available for purchase they were not included and better yet he never mentioned to anyone that they wouldn’t be.

          • I’m really sorry to hear that. Best thing for those expecting that functionality, to not purchase the product. You’ve come to the right place to share your feelings. Hopefully others will read the warning you guys have provided.

            Write a user review or vote it down.

          • fcabanski

            You may be projecting. My reply was not sensitive, and it had no tone. It was factual. Baseball Mogul has not pissed me off.

            The press release you shared was not factual. Fact checking a press release before sharing it is not snobbery. The following is snobbery. Claiming people are being emotional, when they point out factual errors in the news you post/share. Indicating you will continue sharing inaccurate news/info.

            One suggestion is that you post an addendum in this case. At least indicate that some of the features mentioned in the press release were not in the game when released.

          • From my understanding, these are the four areas. (1B) Free Agent Compensation,
            (2B) Improved Aging Model, (3B) New General Manager AI (Artificial Intelligence),
            (Home) Improved User Experience – which all seems very general. From the feature list in the post above, are there inaccuracies in that set of bullet points?

            Here is everyone’s opportunity to share their feedback on Baseball Mogul Diamond. .. The tab user reviews is then added at the top of the game hub.

          • Those four areas are indeed added or improved in Baseball Mogul Diamond.

            What got people (rightly) pissed off was that I had said in a December blog post that the game would include 40-man rosters and the Rule 5 Draft, and then later retracted this. These features were never announced or listed on the web site or in any press release. Nevertheless, I should have done a better job of letting people know that I’d been unable to get these features working correctly (such as by sending out a mass mailing).

            Unlike just about every company out there, we have a 100% no-questions-asked refund policy. So if you accidentally bought something that wasn’t as promised, just get in touch with


          • Joe Negrelli

            Love your games clay, these people keep going on about ootp but that game has nothing on the Mogul franchise. Been a fan since before historical rookies were added.

          • KillaCrossOver

            What are you the internet police? Stop being a little bitch. Doesn’t matter what features are put up. It’s trash next to OOTP.

          • We will change any inaccuracies on the feature list. It is not a big deal. He has a point if things listed above are not in the game.

          • fcabanski

            You have me on the comparison to OOTP. Nobody can argue that OOTP is the gold standard.

          • Are you the one that raped Hayley Williams last night? Because I will shoot you.

          • I think they’re just hoping I’ll troll and post weird shit to get more people to buy the game. That’s what I do for you guys. I’ve been there since BBM2000.

        • yes it is. I am a marketing research masterman

      • Hey man, I’m 101% sure these are all Mark Pincus…. or his spawn. 🙂

  • NOpp

    So you have to start with an expansion team? Seriously? But the pitch speed and break I something no in OOTP.
    How much does this cost?

    • it costs $40,000 a year. dumbass. get raped by a baseball bat.

    • Starting with an expansion team (in 2015, or in a historical year) is just one option.

  • asdf

    these people judge games before they buy it non buyers are dumb they need a education

  • As someone who has played both OOTP and BBM (mostly BBM) I have to say I am biased toward BBM because it’s American and focused on the USA. But if you’re looking to make your own league based on the actual world, like create a high school or college baseball simulation then OOTP is for you. I bought both this year. Personally as someone who likes to add new players to the mix rather than simulate the real world, BBM is much better. BBM’s player deveopment curve is much more realistic than OOTP… with OOTP I try to make a player that should spend 3-4 years in the minors and the AI Will call them up.

    Feel free to troll me. I want both OOTP and BBM to do well, as I support both companies and like both products. I’ll be writing reviews of them within 3 months.

  • FYI the primary reason for the name change is because we needed to break the cycle of always being one year ahead of the actual year. Last year’s game was called Baseball Mogul 2015, but it was released in April of 2014. This convention started back in the 1990s when EA et. al. was doing the same thing, but now it just confuses a lot of people.