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Baseball Mogul 2020 Review – The ‘Other’ Baseball Simulation

With all the attention that other game gets (hint: it’s an acronym), it’s easy to forget there are other sports sims out there; specifically, in the realm of baseball. Let’s be honest, with the Coronavirus pandemic keeping most of us home more than usual, we need as many entertainment options as possible to keep busy until life gets back to normal (whatever β€œnormal” is). I first tried my hand at B...[Read More]

A new twist on Baseball Mogul, version Diamond hits the market

It’s called Diamond. Why so? Clay Dreslough, the creator of Baseball Mogul has renamed his game this year because of what they believe to be a bigger feature set with 4 major changes that represent the bases on a diamond. We will share the details here with you. Most of the content is from the Baseball Mogul website. Baseball Mogul has been a long time staple for baseball sim fans and this c...[Read More]

Now available, Baseball Mogul Version 2015 Edition (PC)

Baseball Mogul, one of the true pioneer baseball simulation games continues on. Clay Dreslough the original creator of Baseball Mogul seems to have ramped up the game offering by bringing another developer on staff named Connor Milliken. The Sports Mogul company in recent years has been focused on making an NFL Football theme card game named Masters of the Gridion. Their kick-starter campaign reac...[Read More]

Sports Simulation Influences New MLB Playoff Format

MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL UNVEILS PLAYOFF FORMAT CREATED BY COMPUTER GAME DESIGNER MLB Commissioner Bud Selig Announces That 2012 Season Will Feature Two New Wild Card Teams, Based On Several Years Of Research And Computer Simulation Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig expects the playoffs to expand from eight teams to 10 teams, for the upcoming 2012 season. Selig went public last fall with h...[Read More]