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A new twist on Baseball Mogul, version Diamond hits the market

It’s called Diamond. Why so? Clay Dreslough, the creator of Baseball Mogul has renamed his game this year because of what they believe to be a bigger feature set with 4 major changes that represent the bases on a diamond.

We will share the details here with you. Most of the content is from the Baseball Mogul website. Baseball Mogul has been a long time staple for baseball sim fans and this change will likely please the loyal Baseball Mogul followers. It remains to be seen how much attention this game can garner with other major baseball releases lately.

Here are a list of Baseball Mogul Diamond features below:

  • Build Your Own Expansion Team
  • Updated minor league stats
  • Improved Trade AI (Artificial Intelligence)
  • Trades improve teams at specific positions, not just overall talent
  • Records velocity, break, location and result of every pitch
  • Accurate head-to-head stats for every batter-pitcher matchup
  • Stat-based scouting
  • Includes every season back to 1951
  • Mimics real-life trade and contract data
  • Free agents available after expansion draft, to help complete your major and minor league rosters
  • Updated rosters for every team
  • Complete major league and minor league stats through 2013


More information of its release can be found through the main website at


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