Now available, Baseball Mogul Version 2015 Edition (PC)

Baseball Mogul, one of the true pioneer baseball simulation games continues on. Clay Dreslough the original creator of Baseball Mogul seems to have ramped up the game offering by bringing another developer on staff named Connor Milliken.

The Sports Mogul company in recent years has been focused on making an NFL Football theme card game named Masters of the Gridion. Their kick-starter campaign reached its desired target and the production of the game for sale will be available.

Due to the mixed feelings about the performance of Baseball Mogul 2014, their company has provided a promo code to those who ordered that version with a discount on the 2015 version of Baseball Mogul. We at GM Games have not delved into if the sim engine speed and previous challenges have been corrected but if the effort of Connor is any indication, they have someone to help them move the game along and keep the franchise of Baseball Mogul and Football Mogul games flowing.

For SportMogul, it is nice to see they have the passion to keep the series going with some larger changes of significance but I think they need to tone down the ‘best game on the market’, ‘best baseball sim ever’ all over the game marketing, branding and website. It may be true to some that enjoy the flow of Baseball Mogul over something like OOTP or PureSim. People who grew up on Baseball Mogul will always appreciate what the game is, and the educated consumers in the simulation community will form their own opinions. Let’s hope in the end they are in agreement with what Sports Mogul Inc. is describing the game as.

Here are the details about Baseball Mogul 2015 Edition:

    • Real minor league stats
    • More than 1 million lines of data
    • Lefty-righty batting and pitching stats
    • Includes every season back to 1951
    • Improved General Manager AI
    • Mimics real-life trade and contract data
    • Stat-based scouting
    • Individual strategy settings for each player
    • Includes individual pitch count limits


    • Updates for Opening Day of the 2014 Season
    • Updated rosters for every team
    • Updated contract status for major league and minor league players
    • Complete major league and minor league stats through 2013
    • Actual real-life 2014 season schedule (all 2430 games)


Backwards Compatibility

Baseball Mogul 2015 automatically loads databases from previous versions of Baseball Mogul.


Baseball Mogul 2015 takes you beyond trades and free agent signings. From drafting high school prospects to salary arbitration, you’re in control of every aspect of your team – on and off the field.


We invested extra time optimizing the simulation engine and artificial intelligence, so you can play more games in less time, without sacrificing the depth and realism of your game play experience.


Choose your favorite team in any season from 1901 to 2014. Or create a fictional league with just a few mouse clicks. Baseball Mogul’s cutting edge physics engine and artificial intelligence play out every pitch and every line drive. With detailed stats and ratings for over 18,000 real players, including more than one million lines of minor league batting, pitching and fielding data, the options are limitless.

GM Games has been provided a copy from Connor and we will be trying to give a review of Baseball Mogul 2015’s fun factor as soon as possible. See some screens below.

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