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Exclusive NBA players and logos download for Dynasty Manager 16 (DM)

GM Games is pleased to announce that we will be the official host of Dynasty Manager 16 (logos & roster) files.

Dynasty Manager 16 (nba basketball) has been created for Android and iOS. Our hub page for DM16 has more information about the new features.


You can download the CSV and make changes if you wish, or if you want to import this roster and logos directly to your game type the following URL exactly as it is displayed here (Case sensitive)



As well, if anyone from the community would like their images or files hosted here, please contact info@gmgames.org 

Note: Logo Images must be 400×300 pixels and .PNG files with transparent backgrounds




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  • David Houck

    Thanks for the support for a excellent game..

  • Bryton Small

    Great game. Any updated .csv files yet?

    • We are getting some more updates about updated files. Once we receive them, we’ll try to put them up somewhere. I might add them to comments

      • Alex

        this is a solid game, thanks for your work. Hope to see more from you in the future.