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(Updated Oct 2017) Exclusive NBA players and logos download for Dynasty Manager (DM16)

GM Games is the official host of Dynasty Manager 16 (logos & roster) DM16 files.

Dynasty Manager 16 (NBA basketball) has been created for Android and iOS. Our hub page for DM16 has more information about the game features.


You can download the CSV and make changes if you wish, or if you want to import this roster and logos directly to your game type the following URL exactly as it is displayed here (Case sensitive you must the exact URL!)



  • October 25, 2017 – OFFICIAL COMMUNITY FILE. The Roster is the largest yet, 400+ players on teams, 200+ Free agents, 70+ Rookies/College players for 2018, and updated head coaches.




  • April 30, 2017 – OFFICIAL COMMUNITY FILE. Roster update has 60+ upcoming rookies, all roster trades and updates as of the end of the regular season, and massive changes all round to players stats, etc to reflect their end of season averages/performance.


  • April 22, 2017 – 2017 NBA PLAYOFFS and draft class update courtesy of (Timi Aboderin)


  • April 19, 2017 – 2017 NBA File. Accuracy unknown. (Jay-r Sipalay)


  • 2017 UPDATE courtesy of (Timi Aboderin)





As well, if anyone from the community would like their images or files hosted here, please contact info@gmgames.org 

Note: Logo Images must be 400×300 pixels and .PNG files with transparent backgrounds

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  • David Houck

    Thanks for the support for a excellent game..

  • Bryton Small

    Great game. Any updated .csv files yet?

    • We are getting some more updates about updated files. Once we receive them, we’ll try to put them up somewhere. I might add them to comments

      • Alex

        this is a solid game, thanks for your work. Hope to see more from you in the future.

    • There is a new 2017 file now

  • UPDATED 2017 Roster file courtesy of Timi Aboderin -> http://gmgames.org/dm16logos/NBA2017.csv

    • James Calingo

      Update again plsssss

  • James Calingo

    I’m so dissapionted because they have a lot of bug like a character of Quinn in New york knick and a lot more character. Plsss update a new .csv in nba 2017

    • Another update has been made that should solve this.

      • thomas

        please do the update on the IOS as well …

  • Marion

    How do I use the URL to make a custom roster and import it to the game? The game doesn’t accept the roster after I edit it with google spread sheets and use that URL.

  • dman

    add throwback rosters

  • Deathmachine

    How do you actually download the updated version of the game, i dont want the rosters and logos csv file

  • Dave5155

    Is there an update on the way that will lower scoring? With the updated file the 15 best scorers in the league all average above 30pts a game.

  • Jordan Moore

    Is their going to be a 2018.csv file?

  • Erik Yeung

    Can you update it again pls! since the trade deadline already finished

  • Jason

    Update is fantastic, thanks for the time you’ve spent doing it!
    However I agree with a previous post that scoring is too high – I usually have 4-5 players averaging 40 pts a game with another 5 averaging around 35 pts, is there any way to amend this?

  • James Calingo

    Plsss update again 😔

  • Newer files have been added on April 22, 2017. Feel free to report your feedback on them.

    • Jesse Brown

      A huge thank you for your continued support updating the game, it is honestly extremely appreciated!!

      After trying to import the new file from April 22, the import was stuck on image 5 and would not continue past, did anyone else have this issue??

      • I had a look at the file. It’s likely failing because the file creator is picking images from websites all over the net. The images are not hosted on our servers like the original DM roster file. The file creator will need to find a more stable place to keep the images for the URL’s used.

        • Jesse Brown

          Have just downloaded the updated version and it worked perfectly for me, can’t thank you guys enough for continuing to update such a great game – it is extremely appreciated!!

      • Try now again. Timi updated the file for me today. April 23rd, 2017

  • bonsbon

    can i get free download this game on iphone 5

  • David

    Rookie rosters please

  • Jake

    Update Please

  • James Harley

    Please update it again for 2017-2018 roster after nba trade and free agency

  • Chris Pitt

    When do 2017-2018 rosters drop???

  • Jonathan Tucker

    When will dm17 come out. I’m really anxious

  • Jonathan Tucker

    Someone please reply…

  • Vince Carreon

    Question. How do i submit my roster??

  • Brad

    Y’all should update the rosters for the 17-18 season

  • Cris Mark Severo

    add all the statistic and more awards like sixth man of the year COACH of the year

  • Denver

    i’ve been waiting for the 2017-2018 season update of .csv file sir… can you make it fast as posible? and i think there is more fix in the main application of the Dynasty Manger 16 please make some AI free agents smarter to think signing to other teams and more awards, achivements and latest logo… thank you so mush and more power 🙂

  • Clay Brown

    Idk if DM 17 is coming out or I no one has done the rosters, but I can edit the text file or whatever they have the rosters on and update it for the preseason. I don’t know how I’d upload it back here though. Great game btw!

  • Samuel

    Forget the updates just make the game already this is taking longer than 2k18 took to develop

  • Samuel

    forget the update just make the new game its taking longer than it took to make 2k18

  • James Calingo

    Plsss download the new roster for 2018

  • October 25, 2017 – New file released. The Roster is the largest yet, 400+ players on teams, 200+ Free agents, 70+ Rookies/College players for 2018, and updated head coaches.

  • James Calingo

    Thanks for new update

  • James Calingo

    And plsss add the award like 6th man of the year and others awards……

  • Nate

    How do you download it

  • 0406 1998m

    We need DM17!!!

  • Jason Galon

    This game is great and I can edit and update the file but my problem is how to post or upload to this site…

  • Kangkong Nation

    idk but when my team go like on their 20th season i cannot play the game like the app hangs for no reason. all my team achievements (18 straight championships, 5 mvps) and the time i put to all of these were waisted just like that. pls fix this. and pls: DM18!!!

  • Danny

    Hey guys, what does potential=F or F+ etc mean?

  • Sean Spencer Sanchez Pagobo

    I’m new to this game … can someone help me how to transfer the files to update the rosters to 2017 ?? I’ve already downloaded the files, I just don’t know how to transfer it to DM16

  • Trey Davis

    you guys really need to update the rosters and draft class. where’s trae young? ik i can edit the draft class but we need a whole new roster i had edited the file but i don’t know how to actually put it on dm16 how do i do that. you guys need to step your game up, cuz dm17 seems like myth now…