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On the Go Baseball Sim with a Great Community

If you love Sabermetrics and want to unleash your inner Billy Beane, PennantWars is your game. PW is an online based baseball sim that lets you take the reins of your own franchise.  You determine the destiny of your squad and dictate it...[Read More]

PVP plus sabermetrics equal Pennant Wars

There’s no other baseball game on the market today that captures the essence of being a modern day baseball GM since Pennant Wars incorporates sabermetrics better than any other game available today. Plus, it’s perfect for today...[Read More]

Excellent Game

I’ve played this game for 2.02 days according to timestats. Absolutely incredible GM game for absolutely free and minimal ads. Add in an active community on Reddit and the creator willing to take ideas and you have the best GM game ou...[Read More]

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