Action! PC Hockey 2016

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Action! PC Hockey 2016
Action! PC Hockey 2016

Our Biggest Game Packages Ever! All 2016 game packages include multiple seasons including a new set of 24 great teams. The deluxe packages also include the newly released 2002-03 season!

New Period Recap Box displays shots, scoring chances, blocks, and power plays for the preceding period.

Expanded Encyclopedia Functions include new tools for editing and maintaining your encyclopedias. Even more exciting, the game now links the encyclopedia data to your player for easy viewing of real and replay stats! If you have already built replay or draft encyclopedias, the data automatically appears the first time you view a player. No extra bookwork is required!

New Player Photo Assignment Tool highlights the current photo selection and includes a list of suggested possible photos for each player. This new tool makes assigning photos a snap even if you have 50,000 photos in your library!

New Player Form Usage Tab allows you to customize playing time based on specific game situations. Great for draft leagues

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