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Action! PC Football, Hockey, Baseball, Basketball, and Golf are simulation games that let you be the coach.ย Play results are determined by your lineups, play calls, and strategy, along with player ratings and real-life stats.ย Each game offers complete league, team, and player general manager functions.ย Players may be created edited, drafted, traded or released.ย Action! PC sports games are designed to challenge your mind; no joysticks or dice rolls are used.ย You make the calls with hundreds of available strategy options!


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Action! PC Football 2017

New โ€œLiveโ€ Tab on the scheduled games screen! Quick-played games may be paused in progress based on your preferences. Choose your pause preferences from a list of play results, game situations, and teams. When a game pauses, you can view the play-by-play or box score, continue until the next pause, or finish the game w...[Read More]


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Action! PC Baseball 2017

Expanded ball park data base! Through a licensing agreement with seamheads.com our ball park data base is updated to include refined ballpark batting adjustment factors, park dimensions, seating capacity, and more! We've also added more than 50 vintage parks to our game package. Park additions include old Federal Leagu...[Read More]


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Action! PC Hockey 2016

Our Biggest Game Packages Ever! All 2016 game packages include multiple seasons including a new set of 24 great teams. The deluxe packages also include the newly released 2002-03 season! New Period Recap Box displays shots, scoring chances, blocks, and power plays for the preceding period. Expanded Encyclopedia F...[Read More]


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Action! PC Football 2016

Redesigned Opening Screen: Choose from display options that include combinations of player statistics, team leaders, and much more! All opening screen displays are automatically linked to the appropriate, player, team, or box score! The Player Form has been expanded in both functionality and appearance! All statisti...[Read More]


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Action! PC Basketball 2016

Our Biggest Game Packages Ever! All 2016 edition packages include multiple seasons including the 20 Winningest Teams Since 1950. The Deluxe-Classic package even contains the complete 2015-16 Division I College season! New Full Court Display option includes inbounds and backcourt displays. Our favorite new feature! ...[Read More]