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DDS Football

I’ve followed this product since its PFS days. While this game has always had a ton of potential, and does a lot of things I like, it has always been dogged by annoyances that have never been fixed. Late game logic just kills this thing for me. I’ve seen a trailing team let 20-30 seconds run off the clock after a short gain. This kind of thing spoils the simulation for me…Also, I...[Read More]



Unpolished but scratches an itch

First off, if the concept of an NFL simulator game doesn’t appeal to you you can move along. This was made for a very specific audience that I happen to be a member of, and it doesn’t go out of its way (nor does it need to) to be anything other than what it is: An NFL simulator. With that out of the way, what we’ve got here is the best balance in a pro football simulator between ...[Read More]